Watch Out: TAG Heuer Releases NFT Timepieces

Wearers can use a linked smartphone to transfer several NFTs to the new Lens watch face. (TAG Heuer)

By Jonathan Hobbs

Time marches on. And TAG Heuer is clocking in.

One of the company’s goals is to help watch aficionados keep in touch with the changing world as an inventive, avant-garde brand.

In its most recent step into new tech, the high-end Swiss wristwatch maker has launched a timepiece that lets its owner display their NFT collections. (NFTs are non-fungible tokens that digitally represent any asset.)

“We want to create one-of-a-kind, exclusive experiences that reflect the current zeitgeist,” the company says. “TAG Heuer is taking another daring move into the realm of Web3 only a few months after entering the cryptocurrency field in the United States. We’re releasing an NFT viewer, so clients can show off their digital asset collection on their TAG Heuer Connected watch with certified evidence of ownership.”

An owner’s NFT collection can be showcased on their TAG Heuer watch.  (TAG Heuer)

They may now be worn on your wrist with a confirmed certificate of ownership for the first time. By linking your crypto-wallet to your watch, owners can show NFT artworks and ensure their legitimacy.

TAG Heuer is developing digital ecosystem of applications and watch faces, produced by a team of in-house developers, that incorporate the brand’s characteristic design signatures.

With this new capability, wearers can use a linked smartphone to transfer several NFTs to the new lens watch face.

The watch face displays time in three different ways while presenting your favorite NFT artworks. A concept design with a triangle and a circle denoting hours and minutes is included. Owners can safely connect to a variety of crypto wallets, such as Metamask or Ledger Live, and choose which NFTs to show on their wrist. It’s as easy as adjusting the photos to fit on the circular screen.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 provides the ideal platform for viewing these blockchain-secured artworks. The smartwatch’s industry-leading display is visible even in bright sunshine, thanks to a high contrast ratio. NFTs will be shown exactly as the designers intended with high-definition color reproduction.

A TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 model. The watch face displays time in three different ways and can also present NFT artworks. (TAG Heuer)

On the watch face, TAG Heuer has included a pictorial evidence of ownership. Verified NFTs are represented as a hexagon with a cloud of particles swirling around it. Still photos and animated GIFs are used in specific NFTs. The watch face from TAG Heuer can handle various formats, with animations running indefinitely.

The new watch face is compatible with both the 45mm and 42mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 models, making it easy for wearers to show off their favorite digital items.

Photographs from a user’s own picture library, NFT collection or images by TAG Heuer can also be displayed. The brand has collaborated with significant community members around other NFT initiatives, such as BAYC and CloneX.

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