Trump’s Apology Tour

By E. Faye Williams, Esq.
Trice Edney News Wire

As truth begins to come to the attention of those who don’t want to hear it, The Donald travels out of the country in an effort to leave unpleasant facts behind.  He has to apologize to Saudi Arabia for all the mean things he said about Islam and apologize to Israel for his inability to follow rules on visiting Masada.  (I’ve been to Masada, and I had to follow the rules. Of course, I didn’t have a helicopter to try to land there!) With all of this apologizing, he’s never apologized to the women of America, to people of color or to any of us who’ve been the subject of his rantings.

Before The Donald left, he showed us many times what it’s like to be jealous of his predecessor.  It’s easy to tell when someone is really good at what they do because an incompetent, mean spirited, jealous person who cannot live up to the standards set before him will constantly nag and complain about what the person before him did or didn’t do, while #45 does nothing right. That’s the situation we’re facing today as The Donald escapes from the country for which he pledged to do so much all by himself.

Former President Barack Obama set such high standards that The Donald can’t touch and it’s eating him up.  All he can do is complain and blame former President Obama for whatever it is he cannot match.  The Donald will never be able to live up to what President Obama accomplished with his hands virtually tied behind his back. Racism was alive and well during his term, and it has heated up in an effort to undo what he accomplished.

The Donald has everything in his favor to help him succeed (even Russia), but he can’t seem to put it all together to accomplish his campaign promises. Having lived as a privileged White male, he cannot begin to understand how a Black man could be so much smarter and so much more accomplished than he is.
We could tell during the campaign that The Donald thought that he was the greatest of everything because he ended almost every sentence by telling us how great he is (Have you noticed his spelling and wrong choice of words in his tweets? I suppose he skipped English to grab young women in unauthorized places as they went to class!). There’s a problem when you have to tell someone how great you are. It usually means we have someone who’s so insecure that he thinks if he says he’s the greatest often enough, ultimately someone will believe him. The Donald destroys that theory several times a day because what he does is often worse than what he says! Since his arrival in the White House, there’s more breaking (bad) news than most of us have ever seen.  Each day as we think things can’t get worse, they do!

Some could hardly wait to have The Donald in charge. They thought he’d wave a magic wand and make everything okay. Now many are frustrated because he’s taught them that color, culture nor gender is a measure of superiority! We don’t hear much from his supporters because he has not been able to deliver to them confirmation of their presumed superiority. Actually, he’s shown the world what ignorance really looks like and it has nothing to do with schools or degrees!  He claims to have been educated at Wharton.  Apparently, even the best schools didn’t teach him good manners, good behavior or good sense!” Let’s pray that his trip abroad doesn’t further tarnish our standing in the world. I’ve run into people who’re honest enough to wish we could have President Obama back in the White House!

Dr. E. Faye Williams is President of the National Congress of Black Women.  202/678-6788.

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