TMH for Life Challenge promotes healthy living




By MarKeith Cromartie
Outlook Writer


The second annual TMH for Life Challenge took place Saturday and it’s more than just a race, as TMH used the event to promote healthy living.

“One thing we want people to do is follow the four quadrants which are, how they can be active, eat healthy, know your numbers and find your happy, that’s what we want to achieve here,” said Winston Howell, a member of TMH’s board of directors.

The event featured different booths, with each showing information like what are the best shoes to wear when running, how much sugar is in one bottle of soda and free health screenings.

The event was a joint effort between Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Premier Health and Fitness Center. They combine their resources together to create the event that was highlighted by a 5K run and 1K fun-run.

Runners from all over the city came to run the difficult three-mile course, which stretched around the city.

The male runner with the best time, Gary Droze, finished the course in 17:58. Droze, who was recently hired as new coach of the first track team at TCC, is an advent runner but said the course was on par with some of the best he’s ran in his career.

“It’s not a perfect course,” said Droze, “but the hills even out. You got two decent up-hills and two decent down-hills, so they pretty much balance each other out.”

The female runner with the best time was Tsige Tadesse with a time of 23:26. Tadssee, a runner with The Gulf winds track club, wasn’t supposed to be at the event because she is in the process of preparing for a big marathon.


“I’m training for a marathon, I’m supposed to run slow to build base,” said Tadssee, “but I ran faster than I thought I would.”

The one-mile fun run offered a lighter side of things with parents running with their kids and some people just wanting to make the first step in beginning a new healthy lifestyle.

This year’s TMH for Life Challenge turned out to be a success with an increase in participants from last year’s event and it is something that they have noticed and are very proud of.

“We are so thankful for the help of Rev. R.B. Holmes and the Bethel community for promoting this and accepting us into the Bethel family,” said Howell.

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