The citizen



I am the citizen

And this is my voice


And I speaks from my heart

And my words are true


Honoring the badge

And the ones in blue


My words capture

The essence of life


And it whispers to the ones

Who stands for what’s right


Fighting crime

Every single day


In putting the criminals

And crooks away


You wear the badge

And that is your call


A blessing from God

And serving the law


God protectors

Here on earth


Saving citizens

From the evil that lurks


Stepping into

The arena of life


Trying to get people

To do what’s right


Only to be treated

Less than trash


Because of uniform

And the badge


And when you have

To answer the 911 call


Rushing into harm’s way

And giving your all


And the courage

You wear must stand tall


So our nation’s pride

Will never fall


And the sights you see

Will take your breath away


From the horrors of the

World that happens every day


And when you have to look

Into the eyes of a scared Child’s face


From someone who

Has been through hurt and disgrace


And an officer’s love

Can restore their faith


Because the kindness you share

Will bring smile to their face


Giving them hope from

Your touch of love


And this is a gift

From the heavens above


And the badge you wear

Is your shield of faith


And stands for honor

Peace and grace


And upholding

The law for every race


Putting your life

On the line without a thought


And this is a skill

That can’t be thought


Time after time

Responding to the call


Without a thank you

For risking your life for all


In a world where hate

Stands at the gate


Trying to destroy

The officer’s fate


But hold your head up high

You men and women in blue



For God’s love

Will take care of you


You see you hold the key

To saving a life


And upholding the law

And doing what’s right


Patrolling the street

Every night and day


So the Robbers and crooks

Don’t have their way


Yes the badge you wear

Is a blessing from God


So wear it with honor

Dignity and pride


Being a cop

Is dangerous today


Working any call

Can get you blowed away


So kiss your love ones

Before you leave home


For the hate in this world

Won’t leave you alone


For the courage you wear

Puts the bad guy to shame


And hate will do anything

To destroy your name


So stand your ground

And serve with pride


Risking your life

To keep dreams alive


And some people will

Argue fuss and fight


Saying that you’re not

Doing your job right


But you know the world

As well as I


And devil will always tell a lie


But hold your head up

And stand with pride


For this citizen thanks you

For risking your lives


And every now and then

There’s one or two


Who just won’t do

What there trained to do


And disrespects

The badge and the blue


And taking advantage

Of their authority and the job they do


And the next thing you know

You’re on the news


Sing that old

Why me blues


For not doing

What you took an oath to do


And my prayer is that this poem will

Deliver you


But you must remember

That Jesus is King




And the angles in heaven

See everything


So be professional and kind

You men and women in blue


So God can continue

To watch over your life


Truly you are

The joy of his heavenly eyes


kennethBecause you wear the badge

And the blue


And the citizens of world

Are depending on you


But we personally

Want to thank you so very much


Because you just been blessed

With the citizens touch


And we truly honor

The badge you wear


For our love for Law Enforcement

Feels the air


For I am the citizen

And my words are true


And I truly have much Love for you






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