We stand with City Manager Goad

Rev. Dr. R. B. Holmes, Jr.

Rev. Dr. R. B. Holmes, Jr.
President and Publisher

We stand with Mayor John Dailey, City Commissioners Elaine Bryant, Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson in their positive and affirming approval of the job that City Manager Reese Goad is doing. The Dean of the City Commission, the affable Curtis Richardson, powerfully gave an assessment of the city manager stating, “He has done an excellent job of assisting with the on-boarding of an 80 percent new commission, facilitating teamwork and a sense of family in the organization.” Three city commissioners rated Mr. Goad a perfect score of five. Commissioner Williams-Cox’s rating was 4.3, but she gave the manager some glowing remarks stating, “In my observation, Mr. Goad exemplifies good leadership.” We agree with the majority of the commissioners that the city manager is moving the city in the right direction.

Reese Goad
City Manager

Mayor John Dailey

Jeremy Matlow

We are appalled and stunned by the bitter and backwards evaluation of Mr. Goad by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.  Mr. Matlow blind-sided the city manager and his fellow commissioners by going ballistic on social media, strongly attacking the character, integrity and job performance of the city manager.  Mr.  Matlow, in essence, stated that he had “no confidence in the city manager. Matlow said to a news reporter, “We need a new day, a new start, a new city manager.”  Here is where we clearly disagree with the commissioner: We don’t need a new city manager. Four duly elected, well respected and connected city commissioners resoundingly rejected Mr. Matlow’s opinion.  Many people in this community flatly repudiate Mr. Matlow’s assessment.

Let me be clear!! This newspaper gave our endorsement to Jeremy Matlow and Lisa Brown in the last election. We felt at that time that they both had the skill set to build consensus, unity and a degree of collaboration and cooperation on the commission.  However, Mr. Matlow’s recent, arbitrary attack is why many of us are saddened by the approach that Commissioner Matlow deployed to take down the city manager.  His actions have created much turmoil, unrest and polarization.  Mr. Matlow, there was a better way to approach your alleged dissatisfaction with the city manager.  You must learn how to disagree without being mean-spirited.  In the words of the late Congressman Elijah Cummings, “We are better than this!”

We think Mr. Matlow owes the city manager and his fellow commissioners apologies. If the commissioner has any damaging information pertaining to the city manager that is illegal, unethical, or immoral he should be forthcoming. We believe in this city manager.  We believe he has the competence, character, compassion and capacity to implement the vision of the commissioners to build a stronger economy, to hire the best employees, to treat all city employees with dignity and honor, and to help make our beloved city safer and better.

Be encouraged!!