Wall Street Degen Club Focuses On Financial Literacy

The Wall Street Degen Club (WSDC) is a blockchain-based private trading and teaching community. (Wall Street Degen Club)

By Jonathan Hobbs

Financial literacy takes education. That’s where The Wall Street Degen Club comes in.

The Wall Street Degen Club (WSDC) is a blockchain-based private trading community. (A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions.) It is also an online university that offers courses about trading and finance. The focus is educating holders in how to make money.

The collection will be available on Opensea.io. Its debut date has not yet been announced. The ERC721 protocol underpins WSDC.

Its Learn-to-Earn techniques emphasize financial literacy, geared to those with a growth mindset. The company’s mission is to help holders achieve financial success.

There are a total of 8,888 characters available for use in this effort. The collection will be separated into four unique categories. The first batch will be made up of 2,997 Degen NFTs (non-fungible tokens that digitally represent any asset) taken from the initial collection.

Everyone who has a Degen can participate in the Degen Alpha Community hosted on Discord.

Wall Street Degen Club co-founder Mike is only identified by his first name. The club is run by financial vets known in the web-trading world. (Wall Street Degen Club)

The production of the initial batch of 2997 Degens will get under way shortly. There will be a cost of 0.09 ETH cryptocurrency for each NFT, posted when the mint dates of the remaining batches are ready.

The club is run by people who have decades of experience in the financial markets. (The co-founders only identify themselves by first names on their site.) After the collection sells out, the WSDC team, including both founders, will be publicly documented.

The primary objective of WSDC is the fundamentals of the financial industry, including investing and trading in a variety of financial sub-sectors.

Participants are granted entrance to special social meetings hosted by the WSDC.

Through the implementation of the Learn-to-Earn mechanism, the Wall Street Degen Club hopes to foster a confidence in smart financial practices.

Wall Street Degen Club co-founder Axe is one of the financial pros coordinating the enterprise. (Wall Street Degen Club)

The Learn-to-Earn mechanism is designed to serve as a motivator for Degens to develop an exclusive network, which will involve traversing uncharted waters in the world of finance and discovering monetary treasures buried deep within financial enterprises.

Holders have the option to produce many Degens through the minting process. A person’s rights will increase in proportion to the number of Degen NFTs they currently possess.

If owners want to take part in special events, win limited-time rewards or get complete access to Wall Street Degen Club tools, they are encouraged to purchase at least one character from each category of every batch that is issued.

Here are the firm’s other online feeds: Twitter / Discord.

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