Self-esteem and your bank account

By Dr. Asha Fields Brewer
Special to the Outlook

Money has a lot to do with how we perceive ourselves. If we think we have enough money for our needs and wants, we think highly of ourselves. If we think we don’t have enough for our needs and wants, insecurity and self-doubt run wild. Not to mention, stress infiltrates every thought! So I ask you this question, “Do you respect the provisions God has given you for the places He wants you to go?”

Genesis 12 reflects this idea when it discusses the journey of Abram. Abram lived at his father’s house. He left because God told Him, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you” (vs. 1, NIV). The next few verses further reveal that Abram would become a great nation. This command didn’t come with a map for the journey. It didn’t come with a 5-year plan. It didn’t come with an outline of exactly how Abram would gain a new identity, transitioning from a son to a nation. It simply told him that if he would go, then God would show. 

Where could you go if you weren’t too scared to be there? If you weren’t too scared to get there? If you truly believed that God had provision set up for you along the way, how would this impact the stress of working each day, seeing bills show up in the mail, preparing rent or mortgage checks every month, or even the anxiety of checking your bank account? 

Many of us have a visceral reaction to anything money-related. Our self-esteem rises and falls with our account balance. Perhaps we could do something about this, but we are too scared and intimated. The fear of the financial unknown keeps us locked down in our comfort zone. We stay there because at least we know how to manage the struggle in “this place”. However, this mindset only hinders us from experiencing the abundance God has planned for us. 

We must consider where we need to go, so God can show us a life that is greater than we ever imagined. We can no longer allow excuses like, “No one ever told me how” or “No one I know has done this before” hold us back. James 1:5, ESV, says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” Ask questions to a mentor, friend, or financial advisor. Borrow an audiobook from the library and apply one new concept to help you better care for the money God has trusted you with. 

Whether your “first step” is saving money, researching life insurance, enrolling in a first-time homebuyer’s class, or some other direction God guides you in—fully commit to building your financial esteem. Abram’s life shows us that we have everything we need to do everything God wants. However, you must be brave enough to take the first step. Only then will you receive your royal inheritance. 

Dr. Asha Fields Brewer is a Creator of Healthy Conversations. As a national speaker and published author, she teaches the busy & overwhelmed how to live life abundantly. She is the owner of the Temple Fit Co. wellness agency, which is home to 25+ wellness speakers and fitness instructors. Tune in to “Temple Fit Devotions with Dr. Asha” on Wednesdays at 4 pm on Hallelujah 95.3 FM.