My Truth

Lesson from COVID

Cheryl Smith

The more I get out, the more it seems people are thirsting for conversation. The pandemic has taken its toll on many, especially extroverts, those people who are the life of the party or just love being around people. Even self-proclaimed recluses and introverts are in need of some companionship because it’s different when it’s something you want to do as opposed to something you’re forced to do.

Which brings me to my truth.

Someone who many friends don’t consider to be so nice has become such a nicer person since COVID-19 took over the world. She speaks, is compassionate and actually smiles with sincerity. When she asks how you’re doing she really listens and seems interested. In the past she wouldn’t ask and you knew she didn’t care. Recently she told me that she is afraid. When she told me why, that is when our conversation got deeper. Her: It’s the unknown, feeling like death is imminent and not knowing when.” 

Me: It has always been that way. Today it’s in your face, though. 

Her: And when you leave, I don’t know if I will see you again… 

Me: Same thing. Always been that way. 

Her: And they want us to take this vaccine that has Lord knows what in it.

Me: Do you even know what’s in aspirin or your high blood pressure meds? Do you know what’s all in that cigarette? NO, because you don’t even know that when you go to your favorite restaurant and order catfish, they are actually serving you something else. 

You must have faith and trust science. Maybe pre-COVID, we just took things for granted but coming out of COVID, we might just have more appreciation for life instead of being selfish, inconsiderate and sometimes just mean. Ahh, now we get into another realm. Sadly some will not learn to have better appreciation for or understanding of gratitude or grace. I know of one person who did. Two, if I count myself.

Cheryl Smith is publisher of I Messenger Media Texas Metro News.