McDonald’s benevolence goes beyond the pulpit


Rev. Frank McDonald Pastor of the Year

By Marquavia Smith

Outlook Writer

Frank McDonald lives by the word he preaches, and like most pastors believe that nothing is possible without the intervention of a higher power.

“I try not to encourage people only spiritually,” McDonald said, “but I try to encourage them physically as well.”

He’s been pastoring 81-year-old Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist church for eight years, and has been very involved in the Crawfordville, Woodville, Wakulla, and Tallahassee community.

His outreach goes beyond helping others face to face. McDonald hosts a radio show on WTAL 1450 AM. It’s all part of developing a wider reach, he said.

“The radio station is used to encourage the community on the power of prayer, to call the station if they need special prayer for any situation in their lives,” McDonald said.

McDonald will be honored for his commitment to preaching the word of God, with a recognition as the Capital Outlook’s Pastor of the Year.

“All praise and glory goes to the Lord to be voted pastor of the year,” he said, reacting to the honor.

During his years he has been engaged with the church Outreach Ministry, traveling into the community to encourage awareness of what’s going on in society. No topic is off limits, including pertinent issues such as voting rights and healthcare.

Through his church, McDonald also is involved in an annual clothes give away, food drives and health fairs.

McDonald also helps to build character, working with the youth department of his church.

In part, Juliette McDonald, said her husband’s mission is “to be a change agent for the glory of God and the community.”

Off the pulpit, McDonald has been moonlighting as a personal fitness trainer for 30 years.

“The Bible says, in I Corinthians 6:19, ‘do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you,’” said McDonald.

All that he does is an example set; an example followed, he said.

“My accomplishments as a husband and father are being able to set a positive example for my family to walk in the ways of God at all times,” he said.