Piggly Wiggly fills needs for Southern fixings

By Lyric Mattair
Outlook writer

Piggly Wiggly shoppers in line being checked out by store employees. Photo by Elegance Davis

Piggly Wiggly shoppers in line being checked out by store employees.
Photo by Elegance Davis

Stroll down the meat aisle and there are almost all of the ingredients to prepare almost any southern dish. From ham hocks to pig feet, Piggly Wiggly stocks it all for shoppers to choose from.

The middle shelves are stocked with a variety of goods. Most are national brands, but there is a good helping of store brands for shoppers who are looking for lower prices. Take for example the national brand cooking oil that’s priced at $5. By comparison the store brand cost $2 less.

Just 10 months ago, Roy Moore and his partners opened the low-priced grocery store on the south side of town. Business has been booming since the store became a fixture in the community.

Because of its steady growth and Moore’s passion for giving back to the community, the store was named the Capital Outlook’s Business of the

The Piggly Wiggly brand is growing in the panhandle area. In addition to Tallahassee, Moore has a location in Quincy and recently opened a store in Panama City. Plans are in the works to add a second Tallahassee store on Tharpe Street.

“We are ecstatic about being in Tallahassee and being able to serve the Southside,” Moore said. “The business has been flowing very well and we appreciate all the service we get on the south side as well as the community as a whole.”

Prior to Piggly Wiggly opening in the South Monroe Plaza, residents on Tallahassee’s south side had only Save-A-Lot and Winn-Dixie to choose from. The presence of Piggly Wiggly, which got its start in 1916 in Memphis, Tenn., has increased the competition.

But Piggly Wiggly is arguably winning when it comes to people’s choice.

“Honestly, I feel sorry for Winn-Dixie because of Piggly Wiggly extremely low prices,” said Kiara Buckner, who has been shopping in the store since its opening.

The Piggly Wiggly attraction seems to be more than just the variety of goods, but the low prices customers can’t get at other supermarkets. Moore keeps prices competitive by selling at cost with a 10 percent surcharge.

Other stores add a surcharge of 25 percent or more, said Soladeen Hamilton, a Piggly Wiggly employee.

When the first store opened in Memphis, Piggly Wiggly became the first true self-service grocery store. Its corporate headquarters is now located in Keene, New Hampshire, and there are more than 600 stores that are located mostly in small cities.

People in Tallahassee are glad for the convenience and low prices that the store brings.

“The prices are reasonable and it’s Black owned; also one of the cheapest stores that have economical budget prices,” said Rev. Dr. Sharell Thompson. “I like shopping at Piggly Wiggly because, I can get all the food I like to cook; like pepper steak and cube steak.”

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