Mom Creates Expensive-looking Floral Arrangements For Under $14

Sarah Haigh's floral arrangements. (Sarah Haigh via SWNS)

By Emma Dunn

A mom creates high-end expensive-looking floral arrangements that last months using foliage from her garden, chicken wire, and command hooks for just £12 ($13.89).

Sarah Haigh, 39, started creating her arrangements during lockdown after wanting to make some art others couldn’t buy. She started experimenting with chicken wire and foliage from her garden to create gorgeous flower arrangements.

Now she puts together arrangements to sit above her mantle – each taking just 45 minutes to assemble. Buying similar mantlepiece decorations from a florist would cost hundreds of dollars.

Sarah uses conifer, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus from her garden and arranges them on her wall by slotting them into chicken wire, which is stuck on with command hooks.

The mom-of-two spent just over $13 on her creation and says it can last months. “I got creative during lockdown and started creating floral arrangements,” said Sarah, an eBay manager for the RSPCA, from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.

“It’s so easy – I use chicken wire and foliage from my garden and just bought command hooks to keep it all on the wall. It only took me about 45 minutes to assemble. I added some dried flowers I already had and some nice sparkly bits from my Christmas box.

“Conifers and hydrangeas are really good to use as they dry really well and don’t go brown. Eucalyptus is also good as it bends easily.”

Sarah spent just £12 on a packet of command hooks, and used foliage and other decorations from her home and garden at no extra cost. “People always see it and think it must have been so expensive to buy, but it’s so cheap,” she said. “I think they are always surprised when I tell them it only cost me £12.

“You can cut the chicken wire into any shape, so you could have your arrangement going up or down your wall or on the mantle like mine. You stick it on with command hooks, and then you just weave the foliage through.

“You can find foliage on walks if you don’t have it in your garden. It can take a bit of practice to arrange it all, but it’s easy to keep playing around. We usually have it up for Christmas, and it lasts the full month. It’s great to get lots of greenery into spaces.”

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