Michelle Obama will make a great Vice President

Dr. RB Holmes, Jr.

America is in a national crisis. America is at a crossroad. America is perhaps in one of the most dangerous, divisive, delusional and desperate places of our life time. This coronavirus pandemic crisis has clearly demonstrated that our beloved country is sick. Our beloved country is sick in so many ways. We are sick morally, spiritually, mentally, financially, socially, medically, politically, financially and racially. As a person of faith, I sincerely believe that America can be healed again.  America can be made whole again. The National Baptist Sunday School Publishing Board, for the last quarter, has done some compelling messages on “God’s call for justice and peace.” This pandemic is a product of our lack of civility, peace, justice and good hygiene. We have treated each other poorly. However, there is still hope and perhaps time for us to return to decency and civility.

The leadership of our country, our homes, our schools, our industries, our criminal justice system, our houses of worship and our communities really matter. All elections matter! This election is extremely critical to the recovery and revival of our beloved U.S.A.

Let me be clear, I am not pushing for any political party, I am pushing for what I think is the best course for this country. This is why I believe that Michelle Obama is needed to be on Joe Biden’s ticket as the Vice President. I know that former Vice President Biden mentioned that he will chose a brilliant qualified female. Brothers and sisters, there are many women who are tremendously gifted and qualified.

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Moreover, in my humbled opinion, I think Michelle Obama will be a remarkable choice. Listen, I know she doesn’t need the job; and I know that she probably will not accept it or want it. I am simply saying that she is an amazing woman. She brings everything that this country needs and more in such a time as this. She is brilliant, bold and beautiful. She is talented, experienced, elegant and measured. She is confident, courteous, courageous, compassionate, competent and curious. She has soul, strength, substance and style. She is cool, careful and calm.

I believe America needs a new beginning: Michelle Obama can be that new beginning. A new beginning that will make America better, greater and gracious. This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day, formerly called “Decoration Day”. First, in remembrance of the soldiers who died in the civil war, but today, we remember and honor all persons who fought in these wars for the values and vision of America. I believe America at this time of crisis needs Michelle Obama to run as Vice President.

Let me be clear, win or lose, she will inspire millions upon millions of Americans to maybe hope and believe again. My friends, you will be surprised at what hope and faith can do in healing a country that is very sick.  What do you think?

Be encouraged!

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