Love the skin you’re in

Jamila Nalls

Special to the Outlook

Jamila Nalls, a seasoned makeup artist, skin care enthusiast, and Tallahassee’s own No. 1 beauty consultant has years of management and consulting experience. You can find her at the Walgreens on the corner of Thomasville Road and Village Square. 

Her love for all things beauty and personal care stems from early on in her middle school years where she began doing makeup artistry for school productions and shows. From that blossomed many opportunities to work as a freelance makeup artist with established beauty-driven companies such as Michael Todd Beauty whose products have found a home in some of the country’s biggest beauty retailers, including Ulta Beauty.

Her journey with beauty and skin care has not always been glitz and glamour though; her mother being diagnosed with Lupus amongst many other chronic autoimmune diseases/cancers impacted her greatly. 

“Seeing how the illnesses and medications affected my mom’s outer appearance and self-esteem drove me to learn more about the skin,” she said. “Like many other African American women, she has had to do her own research and experimenting with products to see what works for her skin concerns, her pigmentation, etc. For many years, the lack of inclusion in research studies and product marketing forced us to be our own advocates, and that is my mission. To be the same advocate to other African American women and men that I’ve always been for my mother.”

Jamila’s love for her community has shown in the work she has done volunteering with Walgreens at nursing homes and cancer institutes throughout South Florida. She has been trained in consulting individuals with cosmetic concerns due to the effects of undergoing treatments or taking medications that may alter one’s skin. Walgreens’ initiative to help its customers and patients manage how they feel inside, “Feel More Like You,” is of great significance and importance to Jamila and it parallels to her experience with her mother.

Jamila is at 3531 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL, 32309 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Gift your special someone with a mini-makeover, 30-minute beauty consultation, or any of the vast cosmetic selections available at Walgreens.

“Working in retail around Valentine’s Day, I noticed the emphasis on getting flowers, candy, and cards for significant others,” she said. “Things that wither, expire, or get lost. This year, I want to offer our customers and patients things that are intangible, long-lasting, and life-fulfilling; a sense of care, confidence, and a new found love for the skin they’re in!”

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