First In A Series: The Divine Knowledge and Reverence for the Real Jesus: The Incarnation



By Bro. Byron Menchion
Deacon-In Training/Bethel Missionary Baptist Church


As I studied and meditated on this topic, I got a much better appreciation for the Incarnation.

Previously, I boxed it into the Christmas Story context. While it is a miracle in and of itself, admittedly, for years I limited its significance only to Christmas and the true meaning of the season. But now it means so much more to me. It’s not symbolism, it is the delivery of the Savior to this world. Incarnation is extremely important and more meaningful to me now. So from my new perspective I will talk briefly about three reasons “Why incarnation is important?”

Incarnation is the Fulfillment of Prophesy

We live in a world where lying and deception is the norm. It exists virtually everywhere and it seems like everyone is doing it. One can easily ask themselves, “With all of this deception going on, what and who can I believe?” From this first point I have a pretty good answer….The Bible.

In Matthew 1:22-23 we see prophecy fulfilled as it relates to Incarnation.

Recall the Prophet Isaiah in the conversation with King Ahaz. When the prophet revealed that Jerusalem will not be overtaken if they remain faithful to God, He also gave him a sign of the ultimate success of God’s people. In Isaiah 7:14 two prophecies were made. The Messiah would be born of a virgin and he would be called Immanuel.

Here you have a prophecy in Isaiah and the fulfillment in Matthew. Then John provides further support for this truth in St. John 1:1-2;14.

This is good news because God has promised us blessings. Matthew 1:22 proves to me that he delivers on his promises. He delivered on the Incarnation and he will deliver and show up in our situations.

Incarnation gave us a perfect example to follow

Not only is the incarnation fulfillment of prophesy, but also it provides us a perfect example to follow. Jesus was fully God and fully human. Because of man’s sin, a second Adam (Jesus Christ) was sent.

Now just because Jesus arrived does not mean that sin vacated the world. No. Sin was still her but Jesus provides us a model for how to live successfully in a world of sin. Jesus provides us valuable life examples for Living Godly lives. He showed us how to:
•Uplift and help the infirmed, sick, mistreated, and down hearted
•Effectively pray and praise God
•To surrender to God’s will and preserver when times are hard
•Live a Godly life
No one but Jesus is sinless but we have a model to continually get better at resisting sin while surrendering to God’s will.

Incarnation Resulted in Salvation and Power

Things didn’t go quite right with Adam & Eve. Sin entered the word, man was serving strange Gods, and the world needed a redeemer. I’m quite sure God had options of how to deal with this situation. But he decided to handle this situation himself.

So when the first Adam failed, God slipped on flesh and came to deal with the situation. Jesus showed up on the scene, Incarnation happened, and a Divine chain reaction resulted:

Can you imagine if there was no Incarnation of Jesus? Think about it….No incarnation
•No miracle child birth
•No life to model
•No death and burial
•No resurrection
•No salvation
•No ascension into heavenly places
•No Pentecost, No Holy Spirit, No Power

These are hallmarks of our FAITH. I can’t imagine how things would be if we didn’t have these hallmarks. Thank God for Jesus. Because of Jesus Christ, we have Salvation and the:
•Power to become sons and daughters of Christ
•Power to be overcomers
•Power to be lenders and not borrowers
•Power to speak to the mountains in your life and command them to move.
This is why Incarnation is important!

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