Daymond Named Interim Administrator of Miracle Hill





Tommy Daymond

Tommy Daymond

By James Celeste
Outlook Writer

Tommy Daymond started with Miracle Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center more than two decades ago as an intern. Today, due to a decision made by the facility’s board of directors, Daymond serves as the interim administrator of the center that has operated in the community for more than four decades.

Daymond, a Winter Haven native, worked his way up to the top spot overseeing about 150 employees. He has previously worked as activities director and volunteer coordinator.

“Being promoted to Interim administrator at Miracle Hill means that I have in some way earned respect in the career field that I presently am involved with,” Daymond said. “It is a great feeling to know that others take notice of your work and passion for what you do. In the coming years, I would just like to see Miracle Hill as a standard to be achieved – showing that our facility is one of excellence and quality caring.”

Board Chairman Roland Gaines, reiterated Daymond’s thoughts, adding “We’ve seen his work as director of activities. He’s licensed and qualified to run this facility.”

Gaines said he has watched Daymond over the years and believes the interim administrator was “very efficient in his position as activities director.” The chance to see how well he works in this new position – a position in charge of a multi-million dollar facility – is the challenge.

Daymond received his bachelor’s degree in health care management from Florida A&M University. He started with Miracle Hill in 1991. In addition to serving as activities director and volunteer coordinator, Daymond also worked as the assistant risk manager for the facility. He has also worked as secretary of District X for the Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association where he served as president, vice president and treasurer.

Daymond, who has been married for 21 years and has three kids, said he was raised as a family man. Both parents, he added, had a “huge impact on (him) in terms of shaping (his) character, values and personal outlook on life.” As a result, he is most satisfied with how he can serve others.

His wife Sonjia Daymond admires that he is a Christian and that he loves the lord.

“One of reasons he’s been great and that he’s been successful is because he puts God first and he seeks the Lord with every decision that he is making,” she said.

When asked about how she felt about her husband being named interim administrator, she said, “It’s a great opportunity for him to be able to have an even greater impact than he’s had on the facility as an activities director. He’s able to do more as administrator.”

His love and relationship with God seems to be something many around him admire, including his co-workers. License practical nurse Tonya Davis remembers just praying with Daymond.

Davis said she remembers Daymond offering her words of encouragement. He told her He said, “’ you don’t have to worry about that cause God got it

“I think by him being a God-fearing man that helps everything because I think he will always put God first and everything else will truly fall in line,” Davis said.

Human Resource Executive Carla Adams said, “Tom is a compassionate person. He’s dedicated to the elderly care of the residents of Miracle Hill. He’s humbled ad definitely God fearing!”

In addition to his responsibilities at Miracle Hill, Daymond strives for one other goal: “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile that I can bring to a resident’s face and satisfaction to their families. Making a difference in the life of others is most rewarding for me,” he said.

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