Crossing south Adams Street gets safer for pedestrians

The newly erected crosswalk, which bisects Adams between Orange and Paul Russell, provides safe passage for those who use it.




By Daria Laycock

Outlook writer


Pedestrians who often try to cross one of the busiest streets on the Southside wouldn’t have to continue dodging traffic anymore.


Responding to complaints from residents of College Club Apartments and pedestrians in general, the U.S. Department of Transportation has installed a traffic light to make crossing the street less risky. It’s installed directly across from a Sunoco convenience story and College Club, where foot traffic is generally high.


The stretch of road on South Adams Street runs from Orange to Paul Russell. It’s one of several crosswalks throughout Tallahassee that the USDOT, has installed under a nationwide project administered by the Federal Highway Administration known as Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP).


At least one traffic accident death and several near-misses reportedly have occurred between the Paul Russell and Orange Avenue stretch.


Without the light, crossing from Adams Point Apartments, the B.L. Perry Jr. Library and Southside post office also has been a challenge for pedestrians.


However, the proximity of the light to two major intersections slightly more than a half mile apart on both ends from where it’s installed has raised some concerns. Especially drivers.


Richard Cortina, who makes a roundtrip daily commute from Wakulla to his job on the Southside, doesn’t favor the light because it could slow him down. But he understands its necessity as a safety measure for pedestrians.


“I have to admit it is a bit much,” he said. “I understand that people can get up some speed between Lake Bradford and Orange but there are already two lights on either end of the block.”



Phylicia Barron, a Southside resident who often has to cross Adams Street to get to the post office, shared some of Cortina’s sentiments. She wasn’t sure the light will make crossing the street any safer.


“They’ve got two lights on either end of (Adams) street and people still don’t cross at the light,” she said. “Now they put in this cross walk and I still see them running across. They don’t even wait for the light to change.”


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