Creating ‘celebrity’ hairstyles is a longtime passion of owner

 Owner of  Celebrities Hair  Salon, Trenice Seniors, as she tended to a client. Photo courtesy of Trenice Seniors

Owner of Celebrities Hair Salon, Trenice Seniors, as she tended to a client.
Photo courtesy of Trenice Seniors



By Sean Sanders
Outlook Writer

Kurtima Moore knows that every time she leaves the Celebrities Hair Salon she will feel like a star.
That’s exactly how her sister told her she felt after she first tried Celebrities Hair Salon. Now Moore is entering her third year as a client of head stylist and owner Trenice Seniors.

Moore has been praising Seniors since her first visit.

“The people here are professional, and the environment is always welcoming,” said Moore. “After I saw what they did for my sister, I knew this was the place to come.”

It has been nearly 19 years since Seniors first opened Celebrities Hair Salon. The shop is located at the intersection of Palmer Avenue and South Adams Street.

Seniors, 48, dubbed her dream business “Celebrities” which is exactly what she wants her customers to feel like.

The salon, which has been a huge success for Seniors, was not a solo effort. Her husband, Robert, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the success and longevity of the business as well. As a financial advisor he assists in managing the budget and fiscal funds.

“He believed in my skill and invested in my passion,” said Seniors.

The union between the Seniors didn’t start with Celebrities. The couple met while she was attending the school of business at FAMU. In 1989, just a few years after they met, he helped her capture the Miss FAMU title. They later got married and started a family.

All together Seniors has nearly 30 years of experience in the hair styling business. She shares her expertise by mentoring more than a few aspiring stylists. Many of whom find a home at Celebrities and contribute to its success to this day.

“We have so many talented stylists here that cater to the diversity of services that we offer,” said Seniors. “I look for people that are like sponges, always eager to absorb knowledge and be willing to adapt.” Seniors believes that is what makes a great stylist and in turn a dynamic salon.

Seniors and her staff of stylists have established a reputation of thriving to give their clients a unique look that they want.

“The style and defining look given here is part of the reason that drove me to work here,” said Latanya Hayes, one of Seniors’ protégés. “If you ever needed help with anything Trenice is the type of leader to assist with no hesitation at no penalty.”

Enduring hasn’t always been easy for Celebrities — like the time when road construction near the business caused a 50 percent drop in clientele. The drop was so severe that the Seniors dipped into their pockets to meet the financial demands of keeping their business afloat.

As they look to completing two decades of doing business, there is no doubt that they’ll get there as the couple intends to rely on what has gotten them this far: “Tenacity and faith.”

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