Chiropractor takes inclusive approach to helping community

By Cilicia Anderson
Outlook writer

Kristin Tartaglia had been there at least once before.

So naturally she understood the many hormonal and physical changes that women can experience the impact on posture and comfort during pregnancy.

By the time that Tartaglia was preparing to deliver her second baby boy, she knew chiropractic care would be the way address the changes that would come. Tartaglia’s approach isn’t that uncommon, according to a study that shows 75 percent of pregnant women who receive chiropractic care reported pain relief.

Tartaglia didn’t second-guess whether she’d seek chiropractic care when she became pregnant with her third child. Her search led her to Verity Health Center.

“Their staff is really helpful and they make you feel like family,” said Tartaglia. “The chiropractors are really skilled and they know what they’re doing. Nothing surprises them, especially with pregnancy issues, they knew exactly what was going on and how to treat it.

“They gave me a lot of confidence in their knowledge and their abilities and you can just tell that they know what they’re doing and they believe in what they’re doing so I recommend Verity to everybody I talk to, I love them.”

Even after giving birth to her third child, Tartaglia continued chiropractic for her entire family. She brings her husband and three sons to Verity once a month, sometimes for an adjustment. In fact, Dr. Isaac Montilla adjusted her last baby the day after he was born.

It wasn’t his first adjustment on a newborn. Montilla’s patients include babies to adults 95 years old.

“The goal is to work to help their body function the way it’s designed to,” said Montilla. “That’s our focus; to love and care for our community in any way we can.”

A trip to Verity for the Tartaglia family could be for even pain and congestions relief.

“For me it’s not just pain due to pregnancy and postpartum issues but they talk about just taking care of yourself and your body in other ways like nutrition and exercise and things like that,” said Tartaglia. “My family; we haven’t taken antihistamines in years and I know that Verity and chiropractic care plays a role in that.”

Dr. Isaac Montilla and his staff provide more than just chiropractic care at Verity Health.
Photo by Cilicia Anderson

About 10 years ago, Montilla moved to Tallahassee with his wife Amanda and their 1-year-old daughter. They came with plans to open a facility where they could provide chiropractic care, resources and a safe environment for people in the community.

The community is indeed a huge part of Montilla’s success. He stages an annual Family Fun Day, which has attracted as many as 450 people. The event features vendors, music and food. Montilla also makes time to interact with attendees, spreading the word about services that his business offers.

“What we do is focus on what the greatest need in our community looks like and how to come alongside people and love and care for them,” said Montilla, father of four children. “What I can tell you is there is nothing I would recommend that I wouldn’t recommend first to my wife and my children.

“So not only do I practice in a clinical setting with clinical experience but also my personal experience so there’s a personal touch with every opportunity that we do get and we don’t take any opportunity for granted.”

Montilla’s passion is inspired by his own experience with receiving chiropractic care. He was nine years old when his family was involved in a car accident that left him with back pain and irritable bowel syndrome.
He was prescribed medication, but he began to see a chiropractor. That resulted in drastic changes in his health.

The outcome influenced his decision to pursue an education in Behavioral, Physical, and Biological sciences at the University of Central Florida. He earned his Doctors of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic and has since dedicated his time to helping others live their healthiest lives possible.

“To take care of each other, love one another, care for each other, that’s why we’re here,” said Montilla. “If there’s something limiting them or some people who are contemplating coming in to see a chiropractor, I encourage them to come in. Just come in and give it a try and see what we can do to help”

Like several businesses, Verity has been realizing the affects of the coronavirus. However, Montilla and his staff are working to stay up-to-date on all CDC guidelines to provide a safe environment for patients.

In spite of concerns that his patients might have because of the virus, Montilla encourages them to continue with their care.

“It’s easier to be proactive rather than reactive, so if you can catch something before it gets worse you’re better off,” he said. “We encourage our community to take charge of your health, and this pandemic is a great reminder of that.”

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