BTN Stakeholders Announce Station’s Progression

Former Congressman J.C. Watts ( Left) and  FAMU College of Journalism Dean Ann Kimbrough ( Right)

Former Congressman J.C. Watts ( Left) and
FAMU College of Journalism Dean Ann Kimbrough ( Right)




By Vasty Paul
Outlook Writer

On Feb. 10, Black Television News held a community meeting, in which representatives from the future station explained how they will be providing great opportunities for the Big Bend and Florida A&M University students.

Chairmen of Black Television News, J.C Watts, educated the attendees on what could possibly happen in the near future for the College of Journalism and Graphic Communication.

“People of the broadcast journalism industry need talent like the ones in the community at FAMU, doing more diverse programming and exposing Africa- American culture not only nationwide but internationally too,” said Watts.

One of the distribution partners is currently holding on their end of the bargain, said Watts. Comcast is under construction and has not fully agreed to go through on the project.

The relationship between FAMU’s Dean of Journalism Ann Kimbrough and Watts has been very important in terms of keeping everyone up to date with everything. Kimbrough has been the intermediary behind the scenes.

The architecture and engineering school has gotten together to help build the blueprint and floor plan for how the students will be moving around and integrating through the school. They are designing the school to look high-tech and attract young people. FAMU will be the first school with 4k-studio equipment.

FAMU President Elmira Magnum, and her representative Provost David and dean Kimbrough admitted to waking up everyday, thinking about the students at FAMU. City of Tallahassee Mayor along with several other people have been involved throughout this journey and getting FAMU where it needs to be as far as being on the same page with Comcast and future planning.

Sony is one of the partners that is involved in helping recreate the school. FAMU has the equipment from Sony that has been of great assistance with creating the kind of atmosphere that the school has been working on for more than 10 years.

Kimbrough says “All the changes here in regards to the black television news is great. The $11 million dollars the school will receive can ensure the students the opportunity to train and get all the benefits of being here at FAMU.”

With technology moving so quickly, Sony has confirmed that the 4k technologies that they’ve guaranteed would be the one studio in the country that people envy about FAMU. Although the Comcast section of the agreement has expired, it has been compared to having a car without a transmission.

The distribution of Comcast and Time Warner are both estimated to reach a total of 92 percent of African-American homes, Comcast 50 percent and Time Warner 42 percent. Kimbrough and the journalism students are hoping that by 2018, Comcast will give an answer or make a step towards finishing the process. No one is asking to carry a show or documentary but FAMU has infrastructure and programming that can carry its own originality.

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