Bethel’s History Told in Story Form at Special Event

Rev. R.B. Holmes, Jr. and First Lady Gloria Holmes posed with members of The Bethel Archives Ministry. Photo by Christal Searcy

Rev. R.B. Holmes, Jr. and First Lady Gloria Holmes posed with members of The Bethel Archives Ministry.
Photo by Christal Searcy


Rev. R.B. Holmes, Jr. and Ann Hinson, a member of the Bethel Archives Ministry, posed with Bethel Authors, (L-R) Matthew M. Cater II, Ph.D, Kim L. Williams, Irene Gilliam, Betty Rivers, Larry E. Rivers Ph.D and Frantzley Moise. Photo by Christal Searcy

By Christal Searcy

Outlook Writer

The Bethel Archives Ministry presented a book signing by Bethel’s authors Sunday, May 17, that showcased members’ literary work.
Ann Hinson a member of the Bethel Archives Ministry shed insight on the event and its goal.

“The authors are members of Bethel,” Hinson said. “We have such creative people at Bethel in all types of professions. We wanted to recognize the writers and appreciate them for the things that they have done in their literary career.”

The Bethel authors whose books were spotlighted were Dr. Osiefield Anderson, Matthew M. Carter II, Ph.D.; Irene Gilliam; Frantzley Moise; Betty Rivers; Larry E. Rivers, Ph.D.; Stephen L. Siverls and Kim L. Williams.

During the event each author introduced themselves and spoke briefly about their work. The event didn’t just promote Bethel’s authors but Bethel Archives itself.
Bethel Archives housed important memorabilia that told a story of the progression of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. It was like stepping into a time machine as Bethel’s journey unfolded.

Pictures became storytellers as artifacts became proof of the stories the pictures told. Every person that was significant in Bethel’s rise was mentioned – from pastors to church members.
Bertha MurrayPh.D, a member of the Bethel Archives Ministry, said the story-telling was enlightening.
“It is so important to know where we came from and this is one of the ways of doing that,” Murray said. “With the past preserved we are able to see where we’re going and now we can look back to see where we started.”

Everyone at the event promoted Bethel Archives and the history it housed.

Matthew M. Carter explained the importance of the event not just for the authors but the African-American community.

“I think it’s important for us to do things like this because one of the concerns in the African-American community is that we have not perfected our written history,” said Carter.
“This provides an opportunity for people like myself, members of the church that have written books, to be able to expose information to folks in the community,” he added.
Rev. R.B. Holmes, pastor of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and publisher of Capital Outlook, called the event a celebration.

“We want to do this, something unique every year that we celebrate our history, celebrate our authors and celebrate what God is doing,” said Holmes. “We have to teach the next generation our history.”

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