Abel Ramos Looks To Stun Undefeated Cody Crowley On Benavidez-Plant PPV 

strongAbel Ramos has been chomping at the bit to get back in the ring since coming up short against Luke Santamaria in Las Vegas on Mar. 10, 2023. Abel Ramos ends his longest career layoff to face undefeated Cody Crowley as PPV opener for Benavidez-Plant. RYAN HAFEY/PREMIER BOXING CHAMPIONS/strong

By Percy Lovell Crawford

PHOENIX — Abel Ramos has patiently waited for this opportunity on the big stage of boxing. 

What has accumulated into a year out of the ring? Ramos is ready to punch someone in the face. That someone comes in the form of undefeated prospect Cody Crowley. Crowley is 21-0 with 9 knockouts; however, he does lack the experience that Ramos brings to the table.

Ramos, 27-5-2 with 21 knockouts feels his experience will be the determining factor in having his hand raised on March 25th. For a little over a year, Ramos has lived with the sour taste of defeat since losing a unanimous decision to Luke Santamaria in February of 2022.

Abel Ramos shadowboxing during his open workout in Phoenix, Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona on Mar. 10, 2023. Abel Ramos shadowboxing to warm up for his Phoenix open workout in preparation for his bout against Cody Crowley. RHONDA COSTA/SHOWTIME

Despite training throughout the layoff and having some dates fall through, Ramos is ready to leave it all in the ring while snatching the 0 off Crowley’s record, an accomplishment he has achieved on two other occasions during his career.

Ramos is also excited to be fighting on the same card as his nephew, Jesus, who will compete in the night’s co-main event. 

Abel Ramos talks about his upcoming bout against Cody Crowley with Zenger News. 

Zenger: How’s it going, Abel?

Ramos: Going good.

Zenger: You have the opportunity to set the tone of the entire Benavidez-Plant Pay Per View. You are the opening fight. I am sure you are excited for the chance to get this card started.

Ramos: I feel good. I feel ready. I have been training hard. Like you said, I am going to set the tone in a good way. I am going to give a good fight for the fans.

Zenger: Is it nerve-racking to fight on the same card as your nephew Jesus, or something you guys have grown accustomed to?

Ramos: It’s motivating. I think this will be our third time being on the same card, and it’s great. We feed off each other’s energy and it’s going to be a great night for the Ramos family.

Zenger: It has been a bit of a layoff for you. By March 25th it will be a little bit over a year. Have you been taking it easy and replenishing during that layoff or have you been training for this moment?

Ramos: I’ve been training. They had given us two dates last year, so we were training. The dates kept getting pushed back, but I was still in the gym training.

Zenger: Have you done any film study of Cody Crowley and if so, what do you think of him as an opponent?

Ramos: Yeah, I have seen a couple of his fights, he’s a pressure fighter that likes to come forward. It should be an exciting fight and an exciting matchup for me, because fighters that come forward is always a good style matchup for me. I am expecting a good fight from him.

Zenger: Crowley is a southpaw, do you have any issues facing them or do you actually prefer to face them?

Ramos: No, not at all. I don’t have any issues facing them, but I don’t prefer them (laughing). I’d rather fight a right-handed fighter. It’s good though, man. It is just a matter of getting the sparring and getting used to the stance. We’re working on all of that.

Zenger: You have the opportunity to give an undefeated prospect his first defeat. Is that something you think about and use as motivation before a big fight like this?

Ramos: For sure, man it’s motivating for him to be undefeated. For me to be able to give him his first loss, that always feels good as a fighter. Taking an undefeated record is definitely motivation for me.

Zenger: He has a slight height and reach advantage; you have the advantage in the experience department. What do you feel you have to do to allow your experience to be the difference in this fight?

Ramos: When you put those things together, I feel like experience is always going to win. I fought every type of fighter there is out there. I fought Jamal James and he was 6’2. That’s a big advantage, so a couple inches taller than me doesn’t really matter.

Abel Ramos poses with double-end bag in Phoeniz, Arizona on Mar. 10, 2023. Despite the longest layoff of his career, Abel Ramos is in great shape and ready to set the tone on March 25th. RHONDA COSTA/SHOWTIME

Zenger: Was the layoff a frustrating period of time for you, were you using the time to get better and remain sharp, and when this opponent was brought to you, you jumped on it?

Ramos: It could get a little frustrating. They would tell us dates last year, we would get the camp going and start training, and then they would change it. That’s the sport of boxing. That’s what happens a lot in these fights. I think you kind of get used to it after a while. But as soon as they gave us this date and name, we jumped on it real quick.

Zenger: What separates you from Cody Crowley on March 25th?

Ramos: My experience in the ring. The way I have been working. I have something to prove in this fight. That’s what’s going to separate me from him.

Zenger: I am sure you are hoping a successful outing leads to a busy year for you.

Ramos: Fore sure, man. These past couple of years I have only been fighting once a year. Hopefully, I can get two fights this year. Two fights a year would be a great step up, but for me the perfect scenario would be three fights. I hope this fight puts me in a position where I can get more fights.

Zenger: The welterweight division is still one of the hottest in boxing, and you can definitely stake your claim on March 25th. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Ramos: Thank you, man. I appreciate it. To all the fights, just tune in to the fight. It is going to be a great and exciting card.

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