Wood Shares Early Goals for FAMU Football Team

Alex Wood

Alex Wood



By Devin Powell
Outlook Writer

Florida A&M University Head Football Coach Alex Wood delivered an inspirational speech April 15 at the 220 Quarterback Club Luncheon.

The 220 Quarterback Club embraced both Coach Wood and his wife Rosa as he spoke about his expectations for the upcoming season. The growth of the team’s play is important, Wood said, but so is seeing his players receive a degree in four years.

“Support and play is big. We all know that. But these young men have one opportunity and one shot at an education,” Wood said. “We want to make sure we provide the best academic experience.”

Wood ensured attendees that the team is working on being a tight-knit group as they become a strong football team.

“The team understands the expectations from the head coach, assistant coach, and the coordinator and what we expect from them in terms of effort and in terms of commitment to our football program,” said Wood.

Attendees were interested in the upcoming status of the football team. Many asked questions regarding recruitment, injuries and the team’s level of discipline.
Wood said he has been working on the maturity of the players as a team. The team has been waking up at 5 a.m. for morning workouts and Wood said he is pleased with the team’s enthusiasm.

Wood, a former interim head coach, offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach from Buffalo University, was recently hired for the job at FAMU.

Members of the 220 Quarterback Club met with Wood to present a commitment toward the football summer scholarship program. The program pays for three credit hours for a football player to attend summer school. It goes alongside Wood’s plan, which is to graduate all his players on time.

Also in attendance was Vaughn Wilson, who serves as the sports information director. Wilson is pleased with Coach Wood’s efforts to bring change.

“It’s been a breath of fresh air to have a coach in with this much experience, and we have seen a great deal of change in such a short period of time,” Wilson said.

The room was filled with laughter and a sense of relief as Wood described the ending of a successful spring season. As his speech came to a close, the 220 Quarterback Club presented Wood with a report on the funds raised by the club for the summer program.

The 220 Quarterback Club raised a total of $6,075 in scholarship funds for this upcoming summer and hopes to raise more in the near future. The Club, which was started in 2009, meets once a week on Wednesdays to have lunch and discuss football.