Women enjoy their own ‘Girls Trip’ in Tallahassee

Attending the movie at AMC 20 was a big stop for the women who gathered for a day of fun.
Photo by Tifany Hill

By Tifany Hill
Special to the Outlook

Three of the women who participated in a local version of “Girls Trip” bean with excitement at one of their stops.
Photo by Tifany Hill

Inspired by the movie “Girls Trip,” I planned a signature women empowerment get-together on the weekend that the film opened in theaters across the country.
It was just an idea that had a surprising turnout of 100 women, with 99 of them taking in a viewing of the movie at AMC 20 Theater in The Centre of Tallahassee. The movie was part of a day filled with activities. On account of our attendance, the movie sold out.

Some of the women traveled from California, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Jacksonville and South Carolina. Making it even more special, my family was right there supporting me. Many of the divas also brought their mothers and aunts.

The ladies started out with a pedicure or manicure at the Nail Bar on Appalachee Parkway, where they were introduced to local entrepreneurs and out- of-town visitors. PrimeTime on Tennessee St. was the next stop for brunch and mingle.

“I really enjoy the food,” said Alicia Taylor, an Army veteran who traveled from Decatur, Ala., to join fellow veteran Corbia Boudreaux-Montegue, part of 21-year reunion with me.

It was so heartwarming to see my fellow vets after so many years since I served in the Army with them. I was also excited to see other women vets that joined Divas Day Out as well.

The red carpet and private viewing of “Girls Trip” was the main attraction for the Divas.

The line extended from the movie entrance with 99 beautiful women of different shapes, sizes, race, age, and backgrounds. It met my goal to bring together a diverse group of women, while supporting  our local businesses in Tallahassee.

I appreciate the local businesses that support the idea by accommodating the women. It turned out to be a win-win for everyone and I hope that more local businesses will reach out to do the same for my next Divas Day Out.

At every stop, the ladies had a chance to win giveaways. Four lucky ladies took home either a Fire stick, Echo Dot, Fitbit, or Solo 2 wireless Beats by Dre.
The most memorable and funniest moment with the prize giveaway was in the theater. I called out a seat number and the ladies were having a hard time figuring out where to look. Finally one of the ladies yelled “oh that’s me!” and ran down the steps like she was on the Price Is Right show.

We culminated the day with a stop at the Grasslands Brewery outdoor venue on Gaines Street for an old-school block party. The ladies were joined by their husbands, partners, family, and jammed to the classics with DJ Vert. Local vendors also had an opportunity to cater to the group.

The day-long trip around Tallahassee lasted almost 12 hours, starting at 11 a.m. The ladies express compliments and gratitude for the event. Many said they are looking forward to the next one.

Businesses that supported the event included Dean Minardi, Saralyn and Gabe Grass. Through the Grasslands sponsorship, they went beyond and above for Divas Day Out. Other sponsors included AFIYA Magazine, Kuumba Creations, Janga World Productions, Empyrean PR, Power Productions, First Place Auto sales and Detailing and Bella Sugar and Spice.

NOTE: Tifany Hill is owner of A Walking Brand Entertainment “For Women By Women”