Why Black men jump the fence?


By Ronald Holmes, PhD
Special to the Outlook

Seventy percent of Black women are unmarried and are twice as likely as White women to remain unwed. Of those who do marry, Black women are more likely to “marry down” as Black women in college outnumber Black men 2:1.

Black women are also impacted by the insurgence of interracial marriages since the 1967 Supreme Court decision in the Loving v. Virginia case that invalidated laws to prohibit interracial marriages.  In 2015, for instance, newlywed intermarriages for Black men were 24 percent compared to 12 percent for Black women.

While people have their own personal reasons for selecting a mate, the critical question to be asked is: Why Do Black Men Jump the Fence? Could the answer to this question be that the Black woman is not doing certain things to attract the Black man? Is the answer to this question simply because of the Black woman’s complexion or skin color?

Through interviews, Ronald Holmes’ latest book explores the reasons Black men chose to date or marry White women and other women outside of their race. With some advice from a matchmaker, minister and African American men, the book will benefit women who are seeking to improve their relationships with their mates and find their happiness in life.

Contrary to popular beliefs, morals and values, many African American women may have to decide if it is time for them to “jump the fence.” They may find that waiting patiently for the “right man” within their race may never occur. They may find that the odds are against them due to the number of Black men who are incarcerated, uneducated, unemployed or involved in interracial dating and marriage.

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 Dr. Ronald Holmes is the author of 16 books and publisher of “The Holmes Education Post,” an education focused Internet newspaper.  Holmes is a former teacher, school administrator, test developer and district superintendent.