What is the newly released book, Jacob’s Dream?

Ronald W. Holmes, Ph.D.




By Ronald W. Holmes, Ph.D.

Vice President/ Education Editor

As the spring season ends, most of us begin to think about our summer itinerary. These thoughts might involve attending a family reunion, going on a fabulous vacation or going to the library to read the latest books. For this special feature, the critical questions to be asked are: What is the newly released book, “Jacob’s Dream! A Story of Animals in Africa? How can teachers use this book in the classroom?

Jacob’s Dream! A Story of Animals in Africa is Ronald Holmes’ newest book for children ages four to eight. This book exposes children to 16 African animals and their habitats. It provides colorful illustrations to capture children’s imagination while developing their reading and thinking skills.

Children can color the illustrations on each page, which further enhances their learning process. Holmes’ newest book includes a special feature for the elementary teacher, a lesson plan tied to the Common Core State Standards. Teachers can use the lesson plan to facilitate classroom instruction on the lifestyles of animals in Africa, build student’s vocabulary skills and help them apply learning to real life. To order Holmes’ newest book, Jacob’s Dream! A Story of Animals in Africa, visit: Amazon.com; Authorhouse.com or Barnes and Noble.
Dr. Ronald Holmes is the author of eight books, “Education Questions to be Answered,” “Current Issues and Answers in Education,” “How to Eradicate Hazing,” “Professional Career Paths” “Your Answers to Education Questions,” “How to revitalize the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.” “Completing the Dissertation: Tips, techniques and real-life experiences from Ph.D. graduates” and “Jacob’s Dream, A Story of Careers for Children.” He is publisher of “The Holmes Education Post,” an education focused Internet newspaper. Holmes is a former teacher, school administrator and district superintendent. He can be reached at rwh@theholmeseducationpost.com