Virtual school alleges trademark infringement

Two virtual schools are locked into a lawsuit over trademark infringement.
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The public Florida Virtual School has filed a federal lawsuit accusing a competitor of trademark infringement. 

Florida Virtual School filed the case last week in Orlando against Virginia-based K12, Inc., and K12 Florida, LLC. 

The lawsuit came after an earlier court dispute about trademark infringement that led to a 2015 settlement. Florida Virtual School lawyers allege in the newly filed case that the defendants “have embarked upon yet another campaign designed to sow even more market confusion.” 

In part, the lawsuit alleges that K12 is operating under the name Florida Online School and under FLOS, while Florida Virtual School uses FLVS. Also, the lawsuit alleges K12 is using a color scheme on its website that is similar to the color scheme used by Florida Virtual School.

“Defendants’ use of the Florida Online School mark is likely to cause, and has indeed caused, considerable confusion with FLVS’s Florida Virtual School mark,” the lawsuit said.

“Defendants are using the Florida Online School mark for the same online educational services and related goods and in the same geographic area as FLVS’s Florida Virtual School mark. Unless enjoined by the court, defendants’ use of the Florida Online School and FLOS marks will continue to cause confusion in the marketplace.”