TV producer and digital expert proposes innovative initiatives for NNPA publishers

By Stacy M. Brown

NNPA Newswire Senior Correspondent


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. — Members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) were provided insight into increasing revenue through digital upgrading and innovation at the trade organization’s recent 2020 Mid-Winter Training Conference here.

Dr. Colin “Topper” Carew, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT), led the discussion that included monetizing mobile devices and other technologies.

Black newspaper owners were encouraged by Dr. Colin “Topper” Carew of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab to consider digital options.
Photo special to the Outlook

“Black Power was about our getting a voice in the political process on an electoral basis. It was about power, and that’s the basis of the Congressional Black Caucus,” Carew said.

“I’m here because I believe in what you represent.”

Carew, the co-creator of the hit television series, “Martin,” provided a tutorial on a proposal for Black Press newspapers to create an affordable economy to sustain the NNPA.

Carew’s proposal included a digital migration training initiative.

“To increase advertising income due to the newly emerging digital economy by emphasizing and employing new digital advertising formats and capturing future digital ad budgets,” Carew explained to the group of publishers.

He outlined how he would help the NNPA increase digital news making to boost views on websites and income.

Carew also proposed exploring an NNPA App as a new revenue stream.

“I hope all the publishers will invite all of the young people in their organization to participate,” Carew said.

He also outlined competitive advantages the NNPA possess, including Afro-futuristic research, and the ability to leverage information.

The proposal also included training on desktop news making where publishers could use a smartphone to become broadcasters and drive more viewers to their websites.

“You can use pre-designed plug-in website templates that cost very little, to enable publishers to build affordable customized websites,” Carew said. “You can broadcast anywhere in the world for about $149. This may be more powerful than I imagined.”