The Security of the Believer Series –


Uncomfortable Truth in a Comfortable Society




By Rev. Al Williams, II

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Words like good, decent, and honest often constitute the public discourse when regarding humanity in general and individuals in particular. These attributes are sometimes nothing more than niceties used to remain polite and politically correct even when situations seem to point our attention in a different direction.

In short, many people are assumed to possess virtue that is sometimes detached from anything of lasting substance and more attached to surface qualities like charm and decorum.

These assumptions about people are only truly tested when people find themselves in situations in which they are put to the test. The theological significance is this – Jesus Christ lived and sacrificed Himself on behalf of humanity on terms higher than those of humanity.

Jesus declared in Matthew’s gospel that He did not come as an agent of the status quo who would offer a superficial and shallow kind of peace and stability but He came to actually challenge humanity’s assumptions and provide an authentic example of what it means to represent the kingdom of God.

This required a disruption of all that was perceived to be authentic and forced everyone to take a closer look at the ways in which life had been arranged and maintained.

Jesus essentially upset the equilibrium of the church, the culture and the greater society in every aspect to show everyone that those who seek to live in a way that faithfully represents the kingdom of God must examine themselves, their social arrangements, their assumptions and their entire approach to life itself.

Jesus still captures the attention of everyone today by insisting through the gospel that fellowship with God through faith in Him must engender a level of affection and commitment that is second to none.

No family member, friend, career pursuit, material possession or accumulation should be desired with more urgency and attentiveness than fellowship with God through belief in Jesus Christ.

The good news is that though we may end up forsaking certain relationships, friendships, and social, political, educational and even religious affiliations, the decision to desire fellowship with Christ above all else guarantees God will fulfill His purposes in our lives. This is the security of the believer!