The Security of the Believer Series – The Length of Our Days




By Rev. Al Williams, II
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

From one believer to another the children of God have been able to proclaim that the Lord has indeed been our refuge. It is simply marvelous that God has been able to provide His people with His caring presence despite the perilous presence of others. God has an awe-inspiring ability to keep His people in the midst of whatever appears to threaten His hold on us. This is evident because we know that before the mountains received their shape and the world took its form, God was present. Our assurance of continual security comes from the fact that nothing has occurred without God’s supervision.

We have experienced the passing of each and every day under the watch of God. Nothing we do escapes the sight of God and this can be both comforting and terrifying. We can become frightened because our shortcomings have no hiding place when it comes to the scrutiny of God.

However, we can experience comfort in the fact that God is with us each and every day. One day is enough to take you higher than ever before and yet one day is also enough to bring you down lower than you could have ever imagined. One day can be full of joy and yet another day can be no more than toil, trouble, labor and sorrow. Despite this, our consolation and our hope is in our God. A surrendered heart is what God needs from us when we are dealing with the living of each day. With a yielded heart, we can learn to number our days, counting them as gifts of life and opportunities to make manifest the God who enables us.

The enabling power of God makes life and legacy possible. Many of us would add to those longevity however, the living of our days and the passing of the years is defined more by how than by how long. We often desire lots of time to live and yet it’s not our time but God’s time. Whatever amount of time we are given, God gives it and with Him life is meaningful, significant and secure!

It is special to know that our living is enveloped by the love of God. His love is steadfast and constant toward His children. This kind of love has preserving power and keeping power. This love lifts and strengthens us. It anchors and supports us when we run out of reasons to press on until our days are no more. It is this immeasurable love that gives us life, security, and the length of our days.