The real truth about Amendment 4: Why you should really consider Voting “No”



By Rev. Don Tolliver
Special to the Outlook

The Real Truth on Amendment 4. In the end it’s not for minorities unless you own a Utility company. The Politicians in Tallahassee want us to think Amendment 4 is for us ¬¬ it’s not! It’s a backroom deal for special interests that hurts our schools, homeowners, and communities by giving another tax break to corporations.

Solar energy lags in Florida for only one reason: large utility companies wanting to keep it that way in Florida. Florida certainly needs to grow its solar footprint, but as it does, Floridians also need to avoid the negative financial impact an increase in solar would have on those not generating solar energy.
The National Action Network (NAN) has reviewed the information provided on the “YES” and the “NO” to Amendment 4. The opinion is clear “NO” to Amendment 4 is the best for all citizens in the State of Florida. Floridians cannot be fooled on slick language in legislation or by fake Politicians being bought and sold like a used car with “No Warranty as IS” mentality of the parking lot.

Companies like Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy Florida have a monopoly on keeping citizens (customers) out of their pockets having an opportunity to share in Solar energy profits.

Of course, the Big utility companies are the men behind the curtain trying to pull off a magic trick as if Houdini has a vested interest in Utilities in Florida. Estimates say Amendment 4 would cost local governments $27 million a year, money that can be used by you and I, and not to line the pockets of the rich and powerful. Here are a few facts below about Amendment 4.

Plain Truth about Amendment 4 Ballot Summary:

●The ballot language: Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to exempt from ad valorem taxation the assessed value of solar or renewable energy source devices subject to tangible personal property tax, and to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to prohibit consideration of such devices in assessing the value of real property for ad valorem taxation purposes. This amendment takes effect January 1, 2018, and expires on December 31, 2037.

●Amendment 4, appearing on the August 30th ballot, is a multi¬million dollar tax break for big utilities and big business.

●The facts are simple if you read the language. It takes a tax break that currently only is for homeowners and gives it to corporations. It creates another new business ¬only tax break too (Tangible Personal Property).

●Amendment 4 won’t lower energy costs for us ¬ it just pads the pockets of big business.

●Amendment 4 only helps corporations, not Floridians, at our community’s expense.

●Florida homeowners already have a tax exemption for solar. Amendment 4 doesn’t change that, it just gives more breaks to corporations and utilities.

NAN encourages your vote against Amendment 4. We oppose providing additional tax exemptions for renewable energy equipment beyond the tax exemptions offered by the state of Florida currently.


Citizens you and I will not benefit from the Amendment structured the way it is currently.

Simply get out and Vote for Change in all elections and Vote NO on Amendment 4.

Rev. Don Tolliver is the Vice-President of Tallahassee Chapter, National Action Network.