The Allison Christmas spectacular light show

A showing of two of three mega trees in the yard. Photo by Lavonte Dukes

A showing of two of three mega trees in the yard.
Photo by Lavonte Dukes




By Lavonte Dukes
Outlook Writer

A time to celebrate and cherish something special for family and friends, the Allison family featured a Christmas light show with dancing sequences Saturday night in Havana, Fl.

Imagine driving into a neighborhood seeing an entire yard filled with tons of computerized Christmas lights flashing in your face and blinking to the rhythm of the music playing out in the background.

The Allison family Christmas light show featured over 200,000 lights that displayed three 25-foot tall trees, over 100 strobes and four dancing sequences throughout the night.

It also included an additional twelve mini trees, net lights on the house roof and ten arches.
“The Allison Christmas Spectacular was born in Christmas 2008, since I always wanted to plaster the entire yard with lights. During Christmas 2008, when we started, we had a little over 40,000 lights, and now it has grown ever since to over 200,000 lights this year,” said Daniel Allison, creator of Allison Christmas Spectacular.

He wanted to continue blessing people with the true message of Christmas and hope people are inspired by the dancing lights and to slow down and personally enjoy and cherish the Christmas season.

Outside of the yard a sign was displayed with their own radio station broadcasting, WACS Radio at 102.5 FM.

The people who came by are able to tune in to the sounds of the season.

The four dancing sequences throughout each evening included: Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas Angels,” Jason Gray’s “Christmas Is Coming,” Daniel Semsen’s “The Carolin’ Reel” and David Foster’s “Carol of the Bells.”

Kevin Allison, who is the father of Daniel Allison explained his enjoyment of the Christmas lights.
“My favorite part of the light show is watching the dancing of the lights on the arches. The lights on the arches are like happy rabbits that hop from one end of the arch to the other in time with the rhythm of the music,” said Allison.

Allison said he also loves to watch the dancing lights of the three mega trees spin clockwise and then spin counter wise and as well as how all of the dance moves are perfectly timed to the music.

The Allison family started putting the lights up in the beginning of August.

It took about four and a half months to install everything and they were able to have them up by Thanksgiving. The family plans on keeping the lights up until mid-January.

Kevin Allison hoped each guest will feel exhilarated while watching the colorful mini lights that dance perfectly to the rhythm of the music.

He wanted them to be highly motivated to tell all of their friends and relatives about the show so that they can feel the excitement of experiencing the show as they did.