Tallahassee Enjoys Hispanic Heritage Celebration

By Christopher Lampley

Outlook Writer

Good weather, great music and even better food filled downtown Tallahassee on Oct. 17 as Tally Fiesta held their fourth annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage.

The free event, which was held at Kleman Plaza, allowed people in attendance to gain a greater appreciation for Hispanic and Latino culture. Performances were made by numerous Hispanic dance groups and singers along with a performance by the Latin Soul Band.

As the day went on, more and more people poured through the plaza to witness the liveliness of Hispanic and Latino people. Many people seemed as if they were there for one thing, to have a good time.

“This atmosphere is amazing. It really goes to show that as Spanish people, we really enjoy food and music. I am all for people learning more and more about our culture because it is just so interesting,” Mara Abreu said.

Abreu, who moved to Tallahassee in 2010, said that this was her third time coming to the event and it just keeps getting better.

The event also included an arts and crafts section and an interactive kid’s zone. A dance-floor like replica was set up in front of the stage in order for people to learn how to salsa dance.

Educational sessions were also held throughout the day, for Hispanic and non-Hispanic spectators, to learn more about the culture. Of the most interesting facts, people learned about the many differentiations between Hispanic and Latino people.

“I think it’s good that they talk about Hispanic culture… the more people learn about each other, the better people can become more connected and understand each other,” Ja’Mone Flowers said.

Flowers, who majors in Psychology at Florida State University, says that she attended because of a friend and got more out of the event than she expected.

“The food was good, but the education was even better. I have a greater appreciation for Hispanic and Latino culture,” Flowers added.