Spring’s the time to get your fab on

By Daneyelle Johnson
Outlook Writer

With the summer season approaching more people are trying to keep their New Year’s resolution to “get fit” or to make a comeback after falling off in the beginning of the year, to get their summer bodies ready.

Both men and women want to feel confident with their new body transformations. They want to be prepared for bikini season.

However, the road to getting there isn’t so simple. Just ask Amber Layun, who sometimes find Cascade Park the ideal place to work out.

“I’m rejuvenated in the beginning of the year and I get a lot of workout clothes for Christmas,” Layun said. “But then February comes and I fall off. Honestly, I like to workout because it makes me feel better (although) I procrastinate.”

That’s where motivation comes in. Some people need to have a workout partner or group to keep them motivated and to hold each other accountable. In addition to working out, they need to establish a healthy diet.

Although many will agree that working out and eating right are tips to staying healthy, some believe that it’s hard staying motivated.

Anybody can work out, but truth is, you have to develop the right mindset, said Amber Layun who describes her motivation to work out in the beginning of the year.

The desire to shed pounds quickly could go to outrageous extremes. Take for example Starr Jones’ highly documented gastric bypass surgery 13 years ago. While celebrities have the cash to go under the knife or other procedures that could be performed only by doctors, every day folks keep it simple and less expensive with the same results.

According to health.org, New York City Nutritionist, Dana James MS, CNS, CDN, tells her clients that it’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

“It’s definitely most important to get the diet right, especially since we tend to underestimate what we eat and overestimate what we burn,” James said.

Although many want to lose weight fast, taking the long term approach to weight loss is wise because it means you’ll lose pounds slowly and steadily. But there are ways to rev up your metabolism, causing weight loss quickly, such as strength/resistance training and running.
Some tricks of the trade would be to eat 5-6 meals, drink plenty of water and most importantly exercise 3-5 times a week.

Jon Brooks, personal trainer at Bfast gym believes that the “get fit quick” schemes are what generates most money. However, you have to try not to go for the gimmicks. “Although the weight loss “hype” is common, you must make sure you lose weight the right way,” Brooks said.

Brooks believes that people aren’t looking at lifestyle changes they’re looking at time frames and underestimate what it takes to make a lifestyle change.

He described the majority of his clients as wanting to look a specific way, but not wanting to take the necessary steps to change their lifestyle.

To make a healthy lifestyle, sleep, diet and exercise are key. To some, the phrase “new year, new me” is just a trend.

“It’s worldwide, people start off by saying that, but as the year matriculates, they realize that it’s not really what they want.” “It’s not a serious resolution to some,” said Wilson Cherelus.

But no matter the budget, weight loss is a big business — mostly when it’s time to get seasonally fit by summer.

From the trainer’s perspective, there’s not an increase in gym sales around the springtime.

“Gym deals don’t change, said Brooks, yes, there’s an extra peak in sales, but what people don’t realize is that gyms go up in price and they may say that you get an extra 5 or 10 percent off, but essentially it’s the same promotions year round,” Brooks said.