Spring time in the Fall

Attendees explored vendor tents and other attractions in Cascades Park. Photos by Bre-Shara McCa

Attendees explored vendor tents and other attractions in Cascades Park.
Photos by Bre-Shara McCa




By Bre-Shara McCall
Outlook Writer

Cascades Park was filled with numerous local vendors offering a variety of handmade arts, crafts, soap, face painting, food, wine tasting and performances from local bands, The New 76ers and Houston Deese. Hundreds of attendees roamed the multicolored tents, as they poked their heads under to ask questions, collected business cards and got acquainted with vendors.

This was the scene set on Nov. 15, as Springtime Tallahassee hosted its first Fall Festival.

“This event is all about promoting spring time,” said Carol Hyder Leon, General Chairman of Springtime Tallahassee. “We just wanted (to) remind the community of what we do with the festival and parade and provide a taste of spring time in the fall.”

Springtime Tallahassee, a civic organization established in 1967, is dedicated to promoting and preserving Tallahassee’s history. Springtime Tallahassee is also well-known for producing one of the top festivals in the southern United States.

Traditionally, Springtime Tallahassee produces an annual festival during the first weekend in the month of April, which has been estimated to bring in over $9.1 million to the city. While this Fall Festival is a first for the organization and may not have an economic impact as great as the festival in April, the overall number of vendors and attendees was quiet impressive.

Treyzontino Fulliere, local artist and owner of King Penz Designs, made his Springtime Tallahassee debut. “I do a lot of festivals around town like ‘City of Lights,’ and ‘Breakfast in the Park,’ but this (is) my first time presenting at Springtime,” said Fulliere. Fulliere, a FAMU graduate, featured artwork inspired by the universities’ Marching 100 in addition to the more abstract pieces.

Attendee Shevaun Harris, husband and two daughters said they really enjoyed their first time at the Springtime Tallahassee Fall Festival and they really enjoyed the family atmosphere. “Truthfully, this is a family-friendly event,” said Harris. “There are so many things specifically for the kids, the parents and everybody to do all together,” said Harris.

For more information about Springtime Tallahassee, please visit www.springtimetallahasssee.com .