Seven ways to be a better father

By David Bryant
Special to the Outlook

Fatherhood is a privilege given by God, and with that privilege comes the power and responsibility to positively impact lives. Here are seven habits to be a better father.

Live in a continuous state of thankfulness (Be thankful)

A father should be thankful to God for the blessing of his children.  This attitude of gratitude should express appreciation and thankfulness in all parts of his life on a regular basis.

Express genuine humility  (Be humble)

A father should constantly demonstrate humility and remember to put pride aside.  Humility involves placing the needs of your children before your own and thinking of your children before yourself.

Provide focused attention (Be involved)

A father should be consistently involved in the child’s life. This includes helping with homework, practicing for extracurricular activities, and attending school meetings and church activities. Connecting with your children’s teachers and coaches to monitor progress is also important.

Learn to control his tongue and emotions (Be encouraging)

A father should provide positive words of encouragement for his children, especially as they face the daily challenges of life. Harsh words and thoughtless statements cut deeply within the heart of a child and are not easily removed. It is important for fathers to control their tongue and emotions.

Express good manners (Be mannerable)

A father should model good manners for his children to emulate. Good manners demonstrate to the outside world what the father really thinks about his family. Expressing good manners in communication involves saying “Please”, “Thank You” and greeting others with respect. It is important for your children to understand the importance of expressing good manners.

Recognize individual worth and potential (Be committed)

A father should be committed to help each child realize their full potential. Children need to be assured that their father loves them, prays for them and is faithful in helping them reach their God-given destiny. Children also need to know that their father is committed to provide and protect them.

Make kids a priority ( Be loving)

A father should express love for his children by investing time, energy and resources to meet their needs.  This love also involves discipline to enable his children to grow up with reverence for God, respect for parental authority, and habits of self-control.
The Challenge: Incorporate the seven ways that lead to better fatherhood into your daily life during these challenging times.  Be the best father you can be by expressing love to your family and realize that fatherhood is not something perfect men do, but something that continuously perfects men.