Set good goals for this season

Dr. Asha Fields Brewer

The goals we set should inspire us to become better people. They should motivate us to let go of bad habits and replace them with good ones. They should equip us to bear good fruit. Matthew 7:15-16, ESV, holds us accountable to this, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.” 

If we are not mindful of our intentions when we set goals, we will become false prophets unto ourselves. You say you are going to the gym every day, but is that realistic for your current starting point? Would it be better to commit to three days a week for a few weeks, then work your way up to four or five days per week over the next few months?  Your goal is to drink less coffee, but what plan do you have in place to scale it back? What will you drink instead? You plan to start seeing a therapist. Have you reviewed your insurance policy, so you know the co-pay amount? Have you put the co-pay amount in your monthly budget?

False prophets do not have good intentions. They appear to be good, but in the end, they are incapable of bearing good fruit. Therefore, I invite you to check your intentions when you are setting goals. Consider your long-term goals ─ beyond this month, beyond this season, and beyond this year. How do the intentions you set today act as small steps to help you get you there?

For guidance with your wellness goals, head to Learn simple ways to practice good health in just five minutes per day. Be intentional to make your health goals part of your daily routine, and you will be rewarded with good fruit. 

Dr. Asha Fields Brewer is a creator of healthy conversations. As a national speaker and published author, she teaches the busy and overwhelmed how to live life abundantly. She is the owner of Temple Fit Co. wellness agency, which is home to 25-plus wellness speakers and fitness instructors. Tune in to “Temple Fit Devotions with Dr. Asha” on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. on Hallelujah 95.3 FM.