Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time

Photo courtesy of Leon County

Photos courtesy of Leon County

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By Kathryn N. Jones
Outlook Writer

The smell of dirt filled the trail of Lafayette Heritage Trail Park where more than 120 new trees were planted in honor of Arbor Day on Jan. 31.

Many volunteers participated in the Arbor Day event in the community where trees were planted along the trial of the park leading up to the new ‘Pedestrian Bridge’ which was recently built.

“In Leon County we have this tree credit debit situation where if a tree is removed, typically a larger tree we have to replace the amount of oxygen that it would put out,” said Dan Fendley a worker of the City of Tallahassee.

“We like to keep a nice canopy of trees around here, provide some shade keep the city kind of cooler. It’s great for the climate and environment,” said Fendly.

Along with the tree planting City Commissioner Nancy Miller presented three awards in honor of the tree challenge, which lasted a month up until the Arbor Day Festivities.

The tree challenge was to find a tree near you and measure it in search for the biggest tree around the city.

“It was just a cheerful way to get kids into the earth,” said Karen Berkley.

“It’s not just dig a hole and hope for the best. It’s something we can do as you plant the tree to make sure the tree survives,” said Fendly

Leon County and the City of Tallahassee hosted the Arbor Day festivities.