Robinson Named Interim AD

Earl D’Wayne Robinson

Earl D’Wayne Robinson


By Vasty Paul
Outlook Writer


Earl D’Wayne Robinson has been named the interim athletic director at Florida A&M University after the sudden death of former Athletic Director (AD), Nelson Townsend, who passed away due to a heart attack during a routine meeting on Jan. 8

Robinson was named interim director just days after Townsend’s death. Robinson believes that he can bring the philosophy “hard work never goes unnoticed” to the program.

“He (Robinson) is coming in and making sure everyone is doing their job and changes are happening toward a positive direction. It’s important that he is earning everyone’s trust in the beginning,” said Carson Royal, starting quarterback for FAMU.

Robinson has worked with the athletic programs at Florida State, Alcorn State and Clark-Atlanta universities. He served as an associate AD at FAMU from 2006 until 2008.

Robinson says each opportunity gave him the talent to be an athletic director. He noted that he has overcome numerous obstacles in his life. His first job was at 10-years-old, chopping cornfields and picking cotton.

“If you want to be successful there is no short cut,” Robinson said seriously.

Robinson loves the passion at FAMU and believes “strong dedication and hard work goes hand and hand” when put into a position such as an athletic director.

“We all encounter situations where we think that saying does not necessarily pay off, but what you have to do is think about the situation you are in, and making the proper decision in tough times should help you get through,” said Robinson.

Becoming an AD was something Robinson says he wanted to do from the time he joined the athletic department. He believes that being AD not only impacts all the ambassadors on campus, but is also a representation of the athletes, which he describes as, “building a program that the kids want to be a part of.”

“The upcoming change will be getting together with the alumni and all the collaborative help to strive for the same goal. Nothing needs to be wiped away, funding is the main obstacle.

“I’m not trying to sell another dream but I believe campaigning will help set the standard for the rest of the campaigning upcoming,” Robinson explained. “When you start a program people want to see growth, some want them a lot faster than others. It’s difficult to put a time limit. I would never try and tell a coach how to run his team, but when it comes down to management, that’s when I step in to play. I hired him to coach.”

Robinson being selected AD isn’t the only change in athletics. FAMU has a new head football coach Alex Wood. Robinson wants to give Wood and his assistant coaches an opportunity to prove their coaching skills.

“Mr. Robinson is a great man, there is not another man who can step up for the late great Rev. Townsend,” said Stephon Parker, wide receiver coach. “You talk about a guy with great leadership ability. Who has been at prominent universities, (with) a vision to put stability and structure back into this department. Moving forward we will see all the great things he has in store.”