Rev. Scrivens letter is a great disappointment and “unChristlike”

[subtitle]Letter to the Editor:[/subtitle]

The letter published in the Tallahassee Democrat from Rev. Charles Scriven, Pastor of Corinth Christian Fellowship entitled, “Magnum was treated unethically by BOT” was a misleading missive that has disturbed me greatly. Let me be very clear: Though misguided and meandering, Rev. Scriven has a right to his personal opinion. However, he does not have the right to impugn the integrity, spirituality, and character of well respected leaders of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University community, the faith –based community, the Greek community, and the great taxpayers of Florida.
Space limitations prohibit my response to Rev. Scriven’s misguided attacks. However, his reference to an unnamed “Tallahassee leading minister” stating that “He used his influence unwisely and in a way that was unChristlike” was quite disconcerting. Rev. Scriven chose to cast negative aspersions on his fellow brother in the ministry while concomitantly exhibiting the same behavior he claimed to be abhorring. One’s calling by God is one of the highest callings on Earth. It is not to be taken lightly. It is discreditable that one who professes to be “Christlike” would advance a discourse denouncing the calling of another. I pray and trust that any further pronouncements from Rev. Scriven will also be “Christlike.”

Linda T. Fortenberry, PhD