Ninth in A series On The Sacredness and Steadfastness of Worship The Peace and Protection from Worship: The Models-Paul and Silas, Jehoshaphat and David



By Deacon Terry Steaples
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance – quiet, calm and tranquility.

Protection is defined as being kept from harm or loss. Something that keeps a person or thing from being harmed, lost, something that protects someone or something.
What is the meaning of Christian worship?
The most important thing is that we worship God in spirit (in our hearts) and in truth (in our minds.) (John 4:23-24). We can only worship in spirit by having a pure heart, open and repentant. If we do not have the truth of the Bible, we do not know God and we cannot be truly worshiping. Every act or decision we make should be an act of worship.
Paul and Silas (Acts 16: 16-40) Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20: 9-30)
David (1st and 2nd Samuel/Psalms): The stories in the above passages of scripture are biblical examples of the peace and protection of worshiping in spirit and truth.
In conclusion, there is a song we sing in the Men’s Choir, “I’m Grateful” that reminds me of the peace and protection of worship:

You brought me through this. Lord I’m grateful to you. You made a way out of no way.

Lord. I’m grateful to you. You opened doors that were closed in my face. Lord, I’m grateful to you.