Kansas City mayor faces racism lynching after issuing COVID-19 mask mandate

By Lauren Victoria Burke
NNPA Newswire Correspondent

Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas says he has been the target of racism and falsely photoshopped tweets showing him holding a T-shirt saying “F*** the Police.” The accurate photos were displayed by Lucas side by side in a social media post.

Lucas, 35, claims the targeting began after he issued a citywide order to wear masks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mayor’s order took effect in late June.

“Social media and photoshop are always fascinating. To the many texting me aghast of fake photos circulating, I recommend you not believe everything a muckraker sends your way… and use some judgment,” said Lucas.

Lucas’ order requires residents of Kansas City residents wear facial coverings in all indoor public spaces and “while performing an activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public where 6 feet of separation is not feasible.”

“Wearing a mask or face covering can be uncomfortable, but this is a necessary step to ensure we can save lives and keep our economy open. We wear masks to protect our loved ones, those around us, and their loved ones,” Lucas said.

Quinton Lucas, mayor of Kansas City, has been besieged with racist threats after he issued an order for residents to wear masks.
Photo courtesy kansascity.com

Lucas also posted screenshots from an individual who claimed that the mayor treated White cops disrespectfully. “You are such a piece of s*** n******,” the screenshot read. “You walked with RIOTERS not wearing a mask idiot. You should swing from a tree, I’m not threatening it, but would love to see it.”

Lucas said he had received numerous texts from people appalled by the fake photoshopped image of him in an anti-police t-shirt and encouraged the public to use “some judgment” when looking at images floating on social media.

The racial slur and death threat after the false image controversy prompted Lucas to say, “Y’all … let’s do better.”

Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist for NNPA and the host of the podcast BURKEFILE. She is also a political strategist as Principal of Win Digital Media LLC. She may be contacted at LBurke007@gmail.com and on twitter at @LVBurke