FSU Graduates Inspired to Give Their Best

Photos by Jayla Wilson    Sir. Harold Kroto gave his speech during FSU’s May  1 commencement ceremony.

Photos by Jayla Wilson
Sir. Harold Kroto gave his speech during FSU’s May 1 commencement ceremony.


By Jayla Wilson
Outlook Writer

On Friday May 1, in the Donald L Tucker Civic Center, Florida State University held its first commencement ceremony for the class of 2015

Sir Harold Kroto, who is an English Chemist was one of the keynote speakers for FSU’s commencement ceremonies. In 2006, he received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his co-discovery of Buckminsterfullerene, a form of pure carbon. In 2006, Kroto became Florida State University’s sixth Nobel Laureate.

Kroto is an advocate for science education, he promotes careers in science to youth and a part of FSU’s Global Educational Outreach for Science and Technology. Through this program, children are able to get education on a series of educational videos made by scholars, scientists and college students.

During his Speech, Kroto talked about the US Constitution and how it inspired him.

“The First Amendment is one of the greatest things that has ever been written. You must remember to take it with you,” says Kroto.

Hundreds of students listened as Kroto bestowed wisdom. He encouraged students to give their best in everything that they do.
“When you go out of here, never put in a second rate effort. If you find yourself in a situation where second rate effort satisfies you think about it and look around to find something else where only your best effort will satisfy you in particular. Don’t worry about anything else just you personally,” said Kroto.
Carmel Bourjoully, a student at FSU who received her bachelor’s degree, said that the journey as an FSU student was very unique and different. She said that she came in meeting so many different people who were so ambitious and where she is from (Ft. Pierce) she wasn’t used to that.

She went on to say that it was good getting to meet a lot of good people because it encouraged her to step out of her shell.

“As a freshman, I came in very insecure, very nervous and unsure of myself, but now I am very sure of myself and I have changed a lot,” Bourjolly said.

Bourjolly went on to say that even though there were times she felt uncertain if this was for her, especially during the times when she was up pulling all-nighters, she knew she was going to finish.

“I had to keep pushing, my will wouldn’t let me give up,” said Bourjolly.
Ethel Lee came to support her son Daniele Lee, who received his bachelor’s in arts and sciences. Ethel Lee said that it is exciting to see her son graduating. She went on to say that over the years she has watched her son’s journey as an FSU student.
“He has definitely matured. Over the years, his persistency and gaining the ability to focus and achieve his goal changed. It was a process but he finally got there,” said Lee.