Emma Stone Thrilled About Her Role In ‘Cruella’

Stone talked about the challenges she faced while filming the psyche shift between that of Estella and Cruella. (Laurie Sparham/Disney Enterprises Inc.)

WASHINGTON — Actor Emma Stone revealed that she feels amazing to be a part of the Disney film “Cruella.”

In the film, she plays the role of villainess Cruella de Vil.

She talked about the challenges she faced while filming the psyche shift between that of Estella and Cruella.

“It’s been fantastic. How much of Cruella is in Estella, and how much of Estella is in Cruella? I think it is interesting to think about whether Cruella is part of her, or the real her, or whether it’s some of the tragic events that shape her life, and shape Cruella (sic),” said Stone.

“I think part of what the story is saying is, every human being has all of it within us, and we can access all these different parts, but different events do happen to us that can bring certain things out. I think It’s a series of events that have happened to her, and some of it is just kind of deep in there, and she’s accepting it rather than fighting it,” she said.

“Cruella” was released in India on Aug. 27, 2021, on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, and John McCrea are also a part of “Cruella.”

Earlier in August 2021, Disney confirmed that Stone is returning as Cruella de Vil in the upcoming “Cruella” sequel.

Disney’s “Cruella,” which debuted in theaters and on the streaming platform Disney+ in late May 2021, earned more than $221 million at the worldwide box office.

The move of casting Stone is significant for Disney because it comes amid the turmoil caused by actor Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney over her compensation for “Black Widow,” which, like “Cruella,” debuted day-and-date in theaters and on Disney+.

The movie detailed the origin story of Stone’s Cruella before she wreaked havoc in Disney’s animated “101 Dalmations.” The film, which also starred Emma Thompson, will see its original director, Craig Gillespie, and screenwriter Tony McNamara.

News of the sequel’s development broke in early June 2021, just weeks after the live-action prequel to the Disney animated classic “101 Dalmations” opened in theatres. At the time, Gillespie and McNamara were both expected to return for the new movie, but a deal was not yet done for Stone.

“We are very pleased with Cruella’s box office success, in conjunction with its strong Disney+ Premier Access performance to date,” said a Disney spokesperson at the time.

“The film has been incredibly well received by audiences around the world, with a 97 percent Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes in addition to A’s in every demographic from CinemaScore on opening weekend, ranking it among the most popular of our live-action reimaginings. We look forward to a long run as audiences continue to enjoy this fantastic film,” said the spokesperson.

Stone starred in the film and executive produced the film, which featured Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Mark Strong in supporting roles.

Stone is the second actor to take on the role of Cruella for the big screen after Glenn Close played her in the 1996 “101 Dalmatians” adaptation and its 2000 sequel “102 Dalmatians.”

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