Dennis Rodman calls the historic meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un “a new day”

Photo courtesy of Trice Edney News Wire



By Frederick H. Lowe
Trice Edney News Wire

Dennis Rodman, who was in Singapore for last week’s historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, said he first took the idea of meeting with Kim Jong-un to then President Barack Obama, but Obama refused to give him the time of day.
Although he was rebuffed, Rodman persisted in trying to meet with Obama but to no avail.

Rodman also said during an interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN that because of his relationship with Kim Jong-un he received so many death threats he had to hide out for 30 days.

Despite the death threats and the headlines that ridiculed him, he could see the future.

“I knew things were changing. I could see it. It’s a great day for everybody,” Rodman said about the face-to-face meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Cuomo nodded in agreement. Tears streamed down Rodman’s face.
Top American officials and media personalities laughed at Rodman for meeting with Kim Jong-un. After all, Rodman is an unorthodox Black man on a world stage dominated by White men who claimed they know better. And Black men are rarely taken seriously. A Fox News Television host referred to Rodman as Kim Jong-un’s ‘little bitch.’
Kim Jong-un is a brutal dictator who has starved many of his people and murdered hundreds of others, including relatives.

That all changed when Rodman, who is friends with both President Trump and Kim Jong-un, gave the North Korean leader Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal,” which Kim Jong-un read.

He asked Rodman five years ago if President Trump would be willing to meet and talk with him. Rodman has been friends with Kim Jong-un since 2013, and he had appeared on Trump’s television show “Celebrity Apprentice.”
Jong-un is a basketball fan and he genuinely admires Rodman, who played for the world championship Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons. He also played for the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rodman, a former power forward, has five NBA championship rings and he was the league’s rebounding champion for seven consecutive years. He also is a member of the NBA Hall of Fame.

Rodman, who was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap during the interview with Cuomo, said he wanted to ease tensions between the United States and North Korea. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, called Rodman on behalf of President Trump to thank him for his work, according to Vice Media.
Viewers celebrated Rodman’s accomplishment.

On CNN’s website, one person wrote, “I feel bad everyone sh** on him back then. That’s the reason he was crying. He was remembering how he was really trying to help and all of America made a laughing stock of him. I remember.”

Another person wrote on CNN’s website, “God bless you, Dennis Rodman. It is a great day.”

A third person wrote Rodman deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.