Credit unions rooted deep in Tallahassee community



By Stephanie Chioma Davis

Outlook writer

Two businesses founded on the same principle – serving the education community — by providing literacy on education and finances.

That has been the mission of Envision Credit Union and Florida State University Credit Union for more than 60 years.

From sponsoring various Title 1 schools to little league baseball and soccer teams, these credit unions embody the nation-wide motto “people helping people”.

“Our mission is to provide financial services to everyone,” said David Worrell, president and CEO of Envision Credit Union.

Understanding that the unbanked is a big issue, not just on the South side of Tallahassee, but all of Tallahassee, Envision Credit Union is trying to be an alternative for the higher cost financial services. But their main priority is education.

“We provide $10,000 donations through Second Harvest’s “BackPack” program every year. We provide the funds for the schools to send them home with food for the weekend.”

Florida State Credit Union is no stranger to sponsoring, either. The credit union holds financial literacy courses at various high schools from Lincoln High School to Chiles High School and also offers courses to FAMU, FSU and TCC as well.

“Having a conversation with high school aged kids is a little different because they are just starting to get their hands on a little bit of money (then) you get to a senior in college that has maybe made some financial decisions, some they may regret, so you are able to really dig in with them on what is the next step,” said Chuck Adock, executive vice president of the Florida State Credit Union. “Florida State University is not only a champion on the football field, but in the community. “