City gas customer gets prompt service, entertainment, too

Lola Fulmer


By Chambria Gordon
Outlook writer

The call was routine for Lola Fulmer, a city of Tallahassee utility gas technician.

She ended up at the home of Jim and Pat English, who reported the smell of gas nearby their home earlier this month.

The Englishes were impressed with Fulmer’s quick response and the quality of service she provided. That wasn’t all about Fulmer that impressed the couple, though.

She ended up giving a piano lesson to their grandchild.

The lesson started unsuspectingly. While Fulmer waited for Jim to open the attic, she couldn’t help but notice the couple’s 5-year-old granddaughter, Evie, plunking the keys on the family’s piano. With every stroke, she was trying to get her grandmother’s attention.

She got Fulmer’s instead. She heard every stroke of the keys.

She couldn’t miss hearing it. Fulmer has an ear for music, especially the piano. In fact, she is a concert pianist.

“Evie was really excited,” said Jim. “Her mother plays the piano so she’s interested in it,” said Jim.

Fulmer sat down with Evie and played a classical piece along with “Chopsticks”.

“She played a beautiful piece, obviously being a very well trained and talented musician” said Jim.

Fulmer said she has been playing the piano since sixth grade.

“I own a keyboard, but I haven’t played the piano in a long time,” she said. “I really enjoy it.”
She left a memorable impression on the English family.

“The service response was extremely prompt, and very professional with that extra little touch of entertainment,” said Jim. “Customer service doesn’t get any better than this. I told her she could come any time and play our baby grand.”

“It was a pleasure to meet the family,” said Fulmer. “I’ve been a gas utility technician for two years and I think it’s always cool to make a great impression.”
Fulmer said she values great customer service, while taking time with customers.

Fulmer didn’t provide the entertainment until after she climbed into the attic to relight the Englishes’ hot water heater.

“I always take care of business first,” she said. “We’re always so busy dealing with customers that we ignore the little kids and they just want a little attention, too.”

Jim English said the City’s response to his call about the gas leak was surprisingly prompt.

“Within just a few minutes I got a call from a cell (phone) and it was the gas tech confirming that she was in route,” said Jim. “She arrived very quickly and found a small leak at our gas meter.

“She informed us what the problem was and that she would shut off the gas, fix the leak, and relight the pilots.”

She just didn’t know that she’d end up providing a little entertainment, too.