City boxing team looking for wins in local tournament

Tyres Williams, seen working one of his fighter’s corner last year, is optimistic his fighters will fare well next weekend.
Photo by St. Clair Murraine

By St. Clair Murraine

Outlook staff writer

   After all four fighters on the city’s boxing team came away from their annual tournament without a win last summer, trainer Tyres Williams adapted a strategy that he hopes will benefit his team.

During the last three months, Williams has had the team on the road wherever they could get matches. He figures the activity will help his boxers’ stamina. 

Williams said he hopes to have at least five fighters in the one-day tournament, which takes place on July 27 at the Armory. The first bout goes off at 5 p.m.

“We need to come in with great anticipation for victories for all fighters,” Williams said. “We are coming in wide open with all six shooters going. We are coming in strong and we fight hard.”

Last weekend, the team traveled to Lakeland for the Big Dream Boxing Bash competition. Four fighters made the trip but only 10-year-old Basil Ferguson fought. 

Ferguson got the win that was his first, giving him a record of 1-1.

“It feels good,” he said afterward. “It was easy; very easy because I could have breathe easier and I could have moved a lot more.”

Hamza Ferguson, one of Basil’s two other brothers on the team, was one of the fighters who didn’t get a match in Lakeland. He seemingly took it in strides because of the upcoming tournament next weekend.

“It really wasn’t that frustrating because I know I’m going to get a fight next week (and) I feel I might win,” he said.

Boxers not being able to get matched up on amateur cards is a common occurrence on the circuit. However, Williams said he is pushing to have every fighter matched up for his show.

Teams from throughout Florida and other southern states are expected to enter the tournament.

While Williams isn’t sure how many of his fighters could get a match, he said the ones who get into the ring will be prepared. 

He attributed his optimism to the activity his fighters have had on their recent road trips. The team has competed in two tournaments during the last month.

“If we were coming in and hadn’t fought in seven or eight weeks we might be a little off,” Williams said. “But coming in from off the road twice will give us an opportunity to fight with great excitement.”