Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness Studio Hosted Classes



LaMeitra teaching a dance class at the Cheer Tech Dance 8 Fitness Studio. Photos by Christal Searcy



By Christal Searcy
Outlook Writer

A combination of pom-poms and two step dance moves were on display at Tallahassee’s newest recreational facility, The Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness Studio, as it hosted a two-day summer session on July 24 and 25.

Following the success of the spring 2015 cheerleading and dance clinic, The Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness Studio hosted its first event for local youth ages 7 to 14.

Owners of Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness Studio LaMeitra Dupree, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader and LaToya Dupree-Cotton put together the cheerleading and dance clinic.

“Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness is comprised of doing beginner and advance Hip- Hop dancing. For the fitness, we do Zoomba and Toning. For dancing, of course hip- hop but we can also do Jazz, Ballet and so forth. For cheerleading, we do beginners, someone who is maybe trying out for their Middle School or High School team,” said Dupree.

Day one focused on cheerleading fundamentals and technique and participants were given an opportunity to learn a cheer routine. Day two of the clinic focused on hip-hop dance choreography and attendees learned two beginner/intermediate dance combinations.

“We have a pro prep which is for someone who is maybe trying out for college or NFL,” added Dupree.

LaToya Dupree-Cotton spoke on what led to The Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness Studio.

“LaMeitra danced with the FAMU twerk team and then she cheered for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’ve both been dancing our entire lives. I have a background in Marketing and LaMeitra went to school for business so we brought both of those together,” said Dupree-Cotton.

The mission of Cheer Tech Dance & Fitness is to train and cultivate the talent of aspiring professional cheerleaders and dancers, while also creating an active environment for casual group dance and fitness classes.

Cheer Tech is also offering dance and fitness classes for all ages and skill levels.