Anthony Williams sang to Anita Favors- Thompson. Photo by Christal Searcy

Anthony Williams sang to Anita Favors- Thompson.
Photo by Christal Searcy


[subtitle] Anita Favors -Thompson honored after more than 18 years of service[/subtitle]



By Christal Searcy
Senior Staff Outlook Writer

People never get the flowers while they can still smell them, but the City of Tallahassee made sure City Manager Anita Favors Thompson was cherished until her last day in office.
Admirers, colleagues, friends and family honored Favors-Thompson’s work in the Tallahassee community during the community celebration on Nov. 19.

Anthony Williams showed his appreciation by singing Bette Milder ‘The Wing beneath My Wings’ to Favors-Thompson.

It was evident through the farewells, reflections and thank you’s of the imprint Favors-Thompson left.

“Madam Manager, out of all the votes I’ve taken from 1993 to right now, the most important vote I ever took was to hire you as City Manager because that single vote helped more Tallahaseeans,” said City Commissioner Scott Maddox.

Mayor Andrew Gillum spoke on how Favors-Thompson’s mentorship shaped the man he’d become.

“While I was her boy-child City Commissioner (she) always treated me with respect, she valued my opinion, never ever took the occasion to talk down , she only took moments to teach and to lift me up,” Gillum reflected.

“Everything that I have been as a City Commissioner (from) the leadership moments, the growth spurts, the times I made mistakes. I want you to know that you’ve helped make me a better person, a better elected official, a better man , a better husband to my wife and even father to my twins,” Gillum continued.

Favors-Thompson ended the community celebration with an emotional farewell speech.

“I knew in very short order that God had sent me here for a reason. It has been my pleasure to serve,” Favors-Thompson admitted.

“Thank you means more to me than anything else (because) in a job like this you don’t always get kudos,” said Favors-Thompson.

Favors-Thompson received flowers from husband Larry Thompson during the presentation of gifts.

Celebrations for Favors-Thompson farewell ended on Nov. 22 at Bethel AME Church.