Bond students experience countries, cultures through reading

Kiaira Nixon,Miss Black Florida United States Ambassador, read to Myoshi Walker's Community Based Instruction class during the school's weeklong  "Literacy Week."  Photo by Stephanie Chioma Davis

Kiaira Nixon,Miss Black Florida United States Ambassador, read to Myoshi
Walker’s Community Based Instruction class during the school’s weeklong
“Literacy Week.”
Photo by Stephanie Chioma Davis

By Stephanie Chioma Davis

Outlook writer

Some experienced European cultures. Others found out all they could about Africa.

All it took were books. The young children took their trips while participating in Bond Elementary School’s weeklong reading program “Literacy Week.”

Myoshi Walker, who teaches mentally disabled students at Bond Elementary, said the experience to travel through reading is invaluable for the children.

“Here in my classroom, the kids are learning about things in the community so they can get further in life,” said Walker. “During this week, they have learned about Nigeria and different things about their culture.”

Each classroom was assigned a different country to help the children learn the importance of reading, while learning about different cultures.

“The kids are just excited to end this week off with a bang,” said LaToyer Hankerson, a first-year reading coach.

One day during the week the children got an opportunity to wear pajamas to school for a session called “Snuggle Up With a Good Book.” They also participated in “Public Safety Day” and experienced Mardi Gras themed activities.

A parade billed as part of “Curriculum Night” culminated the week this past Friday.

The day started as many community leaders arrived and branched off to their assigned classrooms. Totaling from 20-30 people, the leaders began picking out their favorite book to read to their class. Kids were peeking through the window with excitement as all of the visitors began preparing to read to students.

The week of reading wasn’t just a discovery for the children. Guest readers, Kiaira “Kay” Nixon, the current Miss Black Florida United States Ambassador, found her favorite book that she read in elementary school.

“Wow! I have not seen this book in years,” said Nixon. “This was my favorite book.

“It was wonderful. Reading can take you to different places and I was able to bring things from my childhood to them.”

“Celebrate Literacy Week” is an initiative of Gov. Rick Scott.

“We look forward to it,” said Principal Brandy Tyler-McIntosh, “because it is a time where we can have tons of fun, not only in the classroom, but outside as well.”